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Real name: Catalina
Registered: Nov 13, 2004
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Hi! I'm Catalina, a compulsive fanfic reader, and lately a writer too. I live at Santiago of Chile, South America and am currently attending to my last Highschool year. Next, after a HUGE vocasional crisis, I've decided to study law and be the best lawyer ever! :P

I am currently only a Draco/Ginny shipper and mostly that is the only type of fanfic I read too, because I think they make the hottest, most unlikely couple of them all... And there's so much you can do with it, too... The good and evil battle going on between them, I just love it!

NICKNAMES: K-tita, K-tix, Cata, Katz, Caté, Nina, Cachlina, Tunik, Nigger

BIRTHDAY: 2nd of November 1986

GENDER: Female

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English and a little French

MUSIC: Aerosmith, the Rasmus, Evanessence, Bon Jovi, Greenday, Blink 182, Nickelback, No Doubt, Guns n' Roses, Fatih Hill, Cramberries, Dream Theater

SONGS: "Don't Cry" (Guns), "Cryin'" (Aerosmith), "The Reason" (Hoobastank) "Angel" (Aerosmith), "Livin' on a prayer" (Bon Jovi), "Through her eyes" (Dream theater), "Iris" (Goo goo dolls)

FOOD: ITALIAN! (pasta, lasagna, pizza, etc) ... my weakness...

RESTAURANTS: TGI Fridays, Tony Roma's, Red Lobster, Eladio, Ruby Tuesdays, La Pizza Nostra, Romanaccio, Tip y Tap.

COLOURS: red, blue, yellow

MOVIES:: "Montecristo", "Butterfly Effect", "Finding Nemo", "The fifth element","The Pianist", "Ever After", "Gladiator", "La vita é bella", "The Messenger", "Pearl Harbor", "The Patriot", "The bone collector", "The Lord of the rings" "Cold Mountain", "The Ring", "A walk to remember"

GENRE: drama, mystery, horror

ACTORS: Jim Caviezel, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher, Heath Ledger, Russel Crowe, Chris O'Donnel, Jude Law, James Marsden, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Anthony Hopkins

ACTRICES: Julia Roberts, Milla Jovovich, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie

SPORTS:: beach volleyball, ski

BOOKS: "Harry Potter"s (JK Rowling), "Soul Flame", "Virgins of Paradise", "Butterfly", "Childsong" (Barbara Wood), "The Perfume" (Patrick Süskind)

WEEKEND: movies, cinema, parties, clubs, pubs, get togethers, writing, SLEEPING!



- "Don't cry over anyone who wouldn't cry over you"

- "You don't love a person because she's beautiful, but that person is beautiful because you love her"

- "All the good on Earth either makes you fat or is a sin"

- "Good friends are like stars: you don't always see them, but you know they are always there..."

- "The only real mistake is that from which you learn nothing"

- "I eat, therefore I am"

- "Studying is to distrust your seat partner"

- "Everytime I feel like studying, I sit down and wait 'till the feeling is gone"

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