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Hey all, new to this site but not to the wonderful world of D/G. I have a lot of stuff posted over at under the same penname if y'all happen to be interested in reading more.

Well, that's about all I have to say, lol. Although, I feel I should put something actually bio-y in here about me, so let's see....I go to Ohio State and am your normal crazy Buckeye who loathes anything to do with the dreaded team up north and am a Journalism major. Oh, and to squash some OSU rumors (started by Michigan fans) Ohio State is not a community college, we do bathe on a regular basis, and I know of no girls in the need of shaving their back hair. So to Michigan I only have two words, Go Blow.

Er, did I mention that I'm slightly insane? Buckeye football, gotta love it.
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