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Starting Over by jessica k malfoy    (Reviews - 63)

**Finished** The sequel to Dark Days. The war comes to an end, but Ginny still hasn't heard from Draco. She decides to find him, and if he is alive, get him pardoned.
Category: Long and Completed
Rating: Definitely Naughty
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Genres: Romance, Angst, Drama, Smut
Warnings: Blood, Sexual Violence, Graphic Violence, Character Death
Completed: Yes
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Chapters: 11 | Word count: 17394 | Read count: 15677 | Published: Apr 26, 2005 | Updated: Jun 22, 2005
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Reviewer: sweetarius Signed
Date: Jan 15, 2007 Title: Chapter 11: Starting Over

This last chapter of Starting was absolutely amazing. It almost made me cry when i found out she killed Parkinson. i would have never thought of such a suprise ending. You are an incredible writer.