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Hello All! Iíve been out of the FanFic game for a while now but the newest movie has inspired me to jump back in and finish all Iíve started. To any of you out there who started reading ďBack to YouĒ Ė Iím sorry I abandoned you but know that I just picked the story back up again and will be working on getting in completed.

As far as my personal info goes, Iím a 20-something college student from Southern California currently away at college (and missing my beloved beach quite deeply). Iím a PR major and hope to eventually be either a kick ass PR rep in the entertainment industry or a published fiction novelist (or both).

I love reading, and am always looking for a new and intriguing story. If youíre looking for a reader (or someone to edit) Ė let me know and Iíll see what I can do. ;)

Back to You by CharmedLife19    (Reviews - 46)

Look here for the complete collection of 'Back to You'. Eventually this will consist of not just the story of our favorite ferret and weaselette but also varies drabbles and one-shots from the 'Back to You'-verse.
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