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Real name: Vitoria MacKay
Registered: Dec 29, 2008
Membership status: Member
Yahoo IM: nacilme


I'm Nacilme (but you can call me Nac, like everybody usually do), and the most important thing you've got to know about me is that I don't write fics! Yeah, sad, but trust me, I've tried and I just got stuck over and over. But! (And that's the other important thing about me.) I read lots of fics and, in general, I am very generous in my reviews, even being slightly demanding of fic standards. And if you've written something I really adore, you'll probably receive the nicest review ever. ^^

The nice thing about FIA is that I've already knew about it but I've forgotten, as I usually do. But thanks to rowan-greenleaf's minions (I'm one of them) I got back here.

Ah, and I have a problem to register at the Art Section. Can someone fix that or tell me how to do it? Please. I promise I'll post some nice art there.

So, that's it. Nice to meet you. See you around.

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