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I am totally and completely obsessed with Harry Potter. More specifically fanfiction. Yet more specifically Draco/Ginny. By this point I should just start saying my inconsistency is a mark of pride, seeing as how I can go years between writing a story. Don't get me started on how well my actual novel is going. *hint: three chapters in ten years, but I've rewritten them twice, so there's that.


Links to banners I have created for my stories, all original photoshop creations done by myself:

When No One Else Was Looking

Beneath The Surface

The Plot

Darkness Dancing by Flighty Temptress    (Reviews - 8)

Ginny struggles with the darkness that plagues her mind ever since her first year and her possession by Tom Riddle through the diary. She has thrown herself into desperately trying to relieve herself from the darkness, trying to satisfy it with whatever ugly endeavour it drives her to. Including Draco Malfoy's bed. Now she has to contend with him and the strange desire she feels for him, something she begins to suspect has little to do with her darkness as time goes on.
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