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I absolutely love Draco/Ginny fics. I knew nothing of fanfiction until I read an article on Mugglenet. It was downhill from there. I can't stay off the sites. There are many excellent author's out there that make this obsession so much more enjoyable.

If you read my story let me know what you think. I am always looking for suggestions, but most of all thank you for reading.

Ancient Magic by Blondhunter    (Reviews - 8)

Draco and Ginny find themselves in a situation neither was expecting. Ginny is not so sure of her new plight, Draco couldn't be more pleased. This new situation causes Draco to find what he truly wants out of his life, but to keep it he will need to grow up and become a powerful wizard.
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Chapters: 3 | Word count: 14250 | Read count: 3004 | Published: Jul 03, 2005 | Updated: Jul 06, 2005
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