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My name is Erica and I'm fifteen at the moment (ha, ha, kind of like the song) anyway I’ll be sixteen on the 29th of January. I live in South Carolina, in the second oldest town. I have a fair amount of friends that I love to get into trouble with. I have yet to know what I want to do with my life but I figured that I have the rest of my life to figure that out unless I die before that happens. I'm not a morbid person, I'm pretty much a happy go lucky person and live life as it comes at me. I like to have fun, and if I get in trouble at the price of having fun then whatever. I like music and movies and soap operas daytime or primetime doesn't matter to me. I don't write fanfic, I just read em. I'm a huge Ginny/Draco shipper, and b/c of this I don't exactly like Harry that much. I also love Blaise and Luna together. Though they’re not very many fanfictions written about them hooking up, and that about sums me up.

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