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While I haven't submitted any of the horrible Draco/Ginny fics I've written (trust me you don't want to read them!), please feel free to read my Blaise/Hermione fic!

Caffeini Zabini!
Blaise wants to be a superhero. Hermione doesn't think he can do it. Will he prove her wrong, or is he just another wizard in spandex and sunglasses?

Offsite DG

All You Need Is love by MochaButterfly
Ginny wakes up one morning and finds herself in a totally different world. The year is 1607, she's a Muggle, there are only few magical people in the world, she's an only child, she's betrothed to her worst enemy, and she's . . . a princess?!
*Probably one of my favorite fics of all-time and the reason I love Draco/Ginny!

And for a good Laugh:
Grocery Shopping by Abigail-Nicole
Ginny and Draco go groccery shopping. Need I say more?

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