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i luv luv luv writing stories and poems even if they dont rhyme i have most of my stories that rnt d/g at fictionalley.org under Miss.EyeShudB3Blund3 but ive just recently discovered this site and now i am absoulutly in luv with it lol

im 13 woo hoo!!! finally!!! i am in the eighth grade and am now single and am ready to start shamelessly flirting with all the sexxi ass boys who r better than my x haha hes a fricken pussy ass he had his fricken friend dump him for me omg i can do so much better hahaha ladies...u can have him now i dont want him n e more i luv playin volleyball and shopping with my buddies and partying hard!!!! lol i luv reading and listening to music.

i luv ashlee simpson jesse mccartney mariah pussycat dolls good charlotte britney christina madonna green day jessica simpson and lots more ppl it would probably take up the whole thing if i wrote how much music i like becuase i luv music

o ya i talk a lot and i have just recently been addicted to Red Bulls omg i luv them so much omg if u ask my buddies what i am they would say that i kRaZiE and LOUD and funny lol i luv my buddies especially britynn alicia ashlie amelia michelle sammy and lots more ppls!!!!

ok i have one to say: what the fuck is wrong with ppl? u wear one french maid costume to school n everybody starts callin u a whore, hoochie, and a slut. who knew a costume could cause so much drama? it was for halloween!! ur supposed to dress krazie & outragously!! lol but o well they're retarded. i dont need them to approve of what i do.

lol ok well stop readin this n start reading my stories i have more stories under MiSs_AiR_HeAd but i wanted a new name lol hahaha!!! luv ya bitches!!!!

on the outside
she smiles
trying not cry
but on the inside
her heart his breaking
im the broken girl in disguise

the scars are fading
the smiles reappearing
the tears are gone
theres no more thoughts of him

nothings black and white anymore
i saw colors when u walked through my door

u make me feel
...like fire
is this love
...or just desire?

burning all ur pictures and letters
didn't help me at all
cutting up my wrists
only made it hurt
drinking shot after shot
only gave me a damn migraine
so tell me i should do
what can i do to get over u?

ive fallen so hard for a guy
whos told me nothing but lies

do u kno how it feels to be afraid
lying there frozen
with my eyes wide open
and do u kno how it feels to find a trace
of words unspoken
with my eyes wide open
i kno ur secret

im hidden in a world
nobody knows
im living a life
that i never never chose

tangled hair
bloody wrists
ripped up clothes
tears down my cheeks
make up smearing
these are the consequences
of a broken heart

the smile fades
more tears fall
seems a little darker

luscious, sweet, & tasty
naughty as can be
im the girl that marked with
-.P.A.R.E.N.T.A.L. .A.D.V.i.S.O.R.Y.-

to all you little angels
out there who think your 'it'
well compared to me...
you aint SHiT

the only way
not to get hurt
is to not

i won him fair & sqaure-
he's mine & i dont share

i luv my boy
he luvs me too
he is for me
& not for you
if u should try
to take my place
my fist will quickly
meet your face

Catch Me When I Fall by HiS_pErSoNaL_pLaYmAtE    (Reviews - 3)

Who will be the one to save me from myself?/ Who will be the one who's there?/And not ashamed to see me crawl/Who's gonna catch me when I fall? Fire and Ice...depending on each other? songfic to Ashlee Simpson's Catch Me When I Fall
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Genres: Angst, Drama
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 2151 | Read count: 1808 | Published: Oct 27, 2005 | Updated: Oct 27, 2005
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