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My name is Ivy and I'm Canadian. I like Harry Potter, ten pin bowling and sleeping in on Sundays. I have a weakness for Airwalks (the shoes) and boybands (Mmm. *nsync!)

The Curse-breaker's Sister by Ives    (Reviews - 16)

When Bill Weasley does not return from a simple curse-breaking job, Ginny gets worried. Brushed off by her family as an over-concerned younger sister, Ginny sets off alone to find Bill, unaware of the dangers she'll encounter on the way. It soon becomes clear that she canít find her brother on her own and she strikes up an unlikely partnership with Draco Malfoy. They journey to Mesopotamia, with an ancient tablet as their only clue to Billís whereabouts. Can they find Bill in time? Or will they too become victims of a magic that is older the time itself?
Category: Works in Progress
Rating: Definitely Naughty
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Genres: Romance, Action
Warnings: Graphic Violence
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Chapters: 17 | Word count: 29468 | Read count: 2337 | Published: Jun 11, 2004 | Updated: Jul 15, 2004
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