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Real name: Brooks
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Hey everyone! I'm Brooks Chook (pronouced like cook! lol) and this is my profile. Duh...

Here are some (hopefully!) interesting things about me:

1. I'm apart of the 15% of the Earth's population that is left handed. Huh, I guess it really is a right handed world after all! Lol!

2. I detest the Twilight Series. No offense to Stephine Meyers but can you believe that some people used to think that her books were the 'Next Harry Potter'???? Ummmmm. NO.

3. I am a full blood American Indian. Cherokee and proud of it! I don't live on a reservation (cough cough Mrs. Meyers, we don't ALL live in run down shacks with too many people and not enough room!) but a lot of my family does.

4. I'm in an internationally known choir. My penname is actually the name of my favorite song that we sing. We do a tour every other year and in 2011 many places in Europe have asked us to sing. Including The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial where we will be singing on the date of the Battle of Normandy and in honor of the American soldiers who died there.

Ummmm, I guess thats all. Happy Reading!

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