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In my opinion, canon freaks are just people who A) don't have an imagination, B) refuse to use their imagination, or C) have to depend on the "real story" so much that any other possiblities of something contrary is just impossible. So what if I want to make Blaise a chick? So what if I'm in denial of Sirius's death? Who says you need to follow the rules. HA.

The Gifted Amissio by Nicky P    (Reviews - 23)

Aah, behold the power of angst! Follows Draco, Ginny, Blaise and the trio, amoung others, through their complicated little lives. And if you're asking what "complicated" is supposed to mean, it means that there's another apocalypse. What? It happens every year. C'mon. Romance, action, and many ships, including D/G but in later chapters (ANGST: it takes a while for them to realize they're in looove.) Language, sex, and character death in the future.
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