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A lover of life, philosophy, and chocolate.

Also a huge Ron/Hermione shipper, and supporter of Draco/Ginny.

See my blog to learn more about me. =)

Last Summer by unknown_force    (Reviews - 7)

One summer, the Weasleys decide to go vacationing in the woods. One freak hurricane carries Draco and Ginny onto a mysterious island and the two are forced to work together for survival. Soon, a friendship grows and develops into something more, but what will they do when they return to Hogwarts and memories from last summer float into their minds as destiny tears them apart?
Category: Works in Progress
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Genres: Drama, Romance
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 2230 | Read count: 274 | Published: Jan 06, 2007 | Updated: Jan 06, 2007
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