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I love Draco and Ginny. I have been living with them daily for the past two years. I am one of those "older" HP fans whose husband rolls his eyes at my obsession and asks me if I would leave him if Draco Malfoy were real.


Well, maybe.........

The Draco Chronicles: Sixth Year Summer by Lili Montegue    (Reviews - 9)

What does Draco do once he goes home? This fic picks up at the end of OoTP on the train. Draco will discover that all that he thought was right is not necessarily so, and that whom you love is not always your choice. Begins with Draco paired with someone other than Ginny, but be patient, as they are meant to be! The journey just takes a little time, and the road is not the smoothest.....
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Chapters: 5 | Word count: 7145 | Read count: 2202 | Published: Dec 09, 2005 | Updated: May 23, 2007
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