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2022 D/G Summer Ficfest Fics Are Being Posted!

Hey all, we’re posting fics for the 2022 Summer D/G Ficfest! They are truly great this year. Check them out here, read, and review! Read and review the amazing fics!

Posted by Anise on Aug 12, 2022 08:39 pm (2 Comments)

Time for the 2022 D/G Fic Exchange!

Hey all, it's almost time for the 2022 D/G Summer Fic Exchange! YAY! Last year's exchange had amazing authors and incredible writing, so we're doing it again this year to keep D/G alive and well. 🙂 All the information will be in one place on the Discord channel, but please also post any questions here. If you need a Discord invite, just ask.

The dates are:
-Prompting: May 28th - June 11th
-Prompt claiming and writing: June 12th - July 30th
-Submissions due: August 6th
-Posting begins: August 8th
(stories posted Monday - Friday until all stories posted. Schedule TBD)
-Awards/Reveals: TBD

Posted by Anise on May 13, 2022 11:54 am (4 Comments)

Time to Vote on Fics!

So all the fics are up, and it's time to vote! If you're seeing this here, you PROBABLY already saw it on Discord... ;) but it's a reminder. Voting goes through the 13th.
Don't forget, the whole list of fics is here.

Posted by Anise on Sep 08, 2021 01:04 pm (0 Comments)
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