Name: Marvin K Burke reviewed 1. Green-Eyed Jealousy on Apr 09, 2019 09:45 am
This is reliable update really working so smooth. In the start, it is quite slow but the characters of the story are very interesting. I liked all of them and excited to see the next part of the tale.
Name: Leda reviewed 1. Green-Eyed Jealousy on Dec 28, 2004 07:49 pm
Wow, I'm just browsing through all your fics today. Jealous!Draco is always a fun Draco to read but also risky since he's been overdone a lot. But this was just great! You said he was jealous without ever using the word. Great job. I hope you continue this.
Name: imelda reviewed 1. Green-Eyed Jealousy on Dec 05, 2004 03:05 pm
Well. I went into this thinking 'ach, only one chapter, there's no way it's going to capture my interest.' Boy was I wrong. It's not that this was a terrifically unique or unusual chapter, we see a lot of D's jealousy in D/G fics, but what caught me was how well you wrote the scene-you explored every single moment of jealousy (for example, when he watched Colin take the picture, it would have been enough to say that Harry slipped his hand around her waist and that pissed Draco off, but addition you put in the little detail about Draco feeling Colin was taking forever to take the photo. That just took it a step further). Things like that. It actually made me care about what happens to your D and G. So I'll be adding this to my 'fics-to-follow' list, and will be looking forward to more chappies!
Name: Skye reviewed 1. Green-Eyed Jealousy on Dec 04, 2004 06:20 pm
Great first chapter... it was very interesting and kept me reading. I like this story so far and would love to read more! update soon please!!
Name: MrsDanielRadcliffe reviewed 1. Green-Eyed Jealousy on Dec 04, 2004 12:55 pm
Ooh, Draco is upset...inscenced even! If that's even how you spell that particular word. Anyway, can't wait for the update!
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