Reviews For Distraction
Name: KG1 reviewed Distraction on Feb 06, 2009 01:43 pm
this is the second time i've read this fic, and it gets better each time. there are some really great, cute, funny, AMAZING lines in the story. very cute. great job!
Name: detlefren reviewed Distraction on Aug 17, 2007 03:40 pm
I loved it! Thats really cute.
Name: Rashonda reviewed Distraction on Nov 12, 2006 06:16 pm
It's funny reading the adults gossiping about them, but very realistic. Their family despises one another so the hookup would cause a scandal.
Name: hummie reviewed Distraction on Oct 19, 2006 06:28 am
Yay! That was really sweet, I loved it! I really liked your reasonable!compliant!Draco :) And I especially loved this line: God, could he use some forbidden love right now. Hehe :) I'm off to read more of your stories! Great job!
Name: die Loreley reviewed Distraction on Oct 16, 2006 02:41 am
Brill, girl, absolutely brilliant. I loved the lecherous hags. :P And "swish his robes around like a ponce, or Snape". Poor Snape. He cops it bad, doesn't he?
Name: slitherhither reviewed Distraction on Aug 09, 2006 09:09 pm
I just stumbled across this story and can't believe it has so few reviews! You have a great sense of humor, and are quite prolific. Thanks for a story that's well-written, plausible, funny, and left me with a big smile on my face and feeling all warm and gushy inside.
Name: CourtneyFaith reviewed Distraction on Jul 15, 2006 04:15 am
~That is so cute. I love this story.~
Name: meg reviewed Distraction on Jun 16, 2004 10:54 am
o those parent malfoys. lol! this was so sweet and wonderful! great job!
Name: Sub reviewed Distraction on Jun 10, 2004 12:19 pm
Awww, cute. :D Very funny, those two, just as I love them. Wonderfully written, all the best. Sub
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