Name: Baby Boomer reviewed Single on Jul 17, 2008 07:18 pm
Agatha Christie's "Endless Night" is one of my favorites and vastly underrated. The clues are in plain sight almost from the beginning; it takes a skillful mind to pick up on them before the murders begin...
Name: frizzl3fairy reviewed Single on May 07, 2008 05:36 pm
I seriously don't understand why people continue to disparage the thesis and the evidence of this essay. It does a great job of explaining the loopholes in the books, and gives hope to those who don't like the horrible H/G. Those who don't like hearing from someone who doesn't blindly swallow JKR's every word without reading between the lines doesn't have to read this essay.
Name: 1angelette reviewed Chapter 8 on Nov 28, 2007 11:28 am
Oh. My. GOD. That was AMAZING. How can I ever lok at Harry/Ginny the same way again? How did I not see Draco staring at Ginny? HOW CAN I LET MY FRIENDS WHO THINK THE PAIRING THAT YOU JUST KILLED IS ADORABLE GO ON WITHOUT THIS?

And most importantly, how in the world were you wrong? That is something I cannot comprehend. H/G in DH didn't really evolve from what it was in HBP, and yet they are somehow married 19 years later. Has Ginny/Hermione been doping him all that time? Was the potioning revealed post-DH-pre-epilogue but Harry and Ginny eventually fell in love properly anyway? AM I GOING TO GO INTO CAPSLOCK QUESTIONING MODE AGAIN?

Wonderful work. Please pass on kudos to Creamtea for me, Anise.
Name: Daydream reviewed Single on Aug 14, 2007 08:20 am
I find the whole "Love Potion" theory utterly ridiculous. I believe in a D/G attraction and am a fan of the Snape/Lily/James - Draco/Ginny/Harry love triangles, but I can't buy this.

First of all, you think too far. It's like you're trying to decode a secret message. JKR wites these books for entertainment, and if she were to write things that way and expect us to figure out a different meaning for everything that is said, people wouldn't buy those books.

Second, Hermione would not do that, no matter what. It is stated that she doesn't think love potions are dark or dangerous, but she still has a good judgement and knows love can't be created that way. She wouldn't risk hurting both Harry (when he would find out that he was being dosed) and Ginny (when she would find out that Harry wasn't really attracted to her). If she was happy when Harry and Ginny got together, it is because she was a friend of Ginny's and knew that they were right for each other.

Finally, I don't know why people have so much trouble accepting it, but Harry did love Ginny, or at least like her, perfectly naturally. IMO, he began to be attracted to her in book 5, when she finally started to be more herself. But he was struggling with loads of different feelings, including his fading attraction to Cho and the loss of Sirius. Early on in book 6 we start to see a developping relationship between Harry and Ginny, like when he feels annoyed that she spends time with her other friends or laughs at her jokes. I believe that Harry liked Ginny totally honestly.

Thus, I do not deny that there may be some attraction between Ginny and Draco. Especially coming from the latter. it is not impossible that they both like Ginny and that she dates Harry because she thinks Malfoy hates her. However, I don't believe in the "love Potion" thing.
Name: dark_husky reviewed Chapter 8 on Jul 13, 2007 05:36 pm
Interesting as always!! You always bring up good points! :) Hopefully everything will get all cleared up when DH finally comes out! I hope your theories will be proved right!
Name: steph reviewed Chapter 8 on Jul 11, 2007 03:25 pm
Gah! You can't leave our update like that! I havent seen it yet so I MUST know how good the H/L was and/or what you took from it??

Ok...sorry I sound like a stalker...but your writings are so interesting I feel like I want to pick your brain

Good luck with painting the house =)
Name: steph reviewed Single on Jul 10, 2007 04:03 pm
Oh and I forgot to add that in the sentance right exactly before he asks Luna she herself mentions Ginny by name--saying how Ginny had stopped someone in class from calling her loony.

But there is no reaction to hearing Giny's name--nothing--instead he blurts out asking her to the party.

Just thought that was odd too and worth noting..

well whatever the case we will know for sure in a few days....I hope you are right bc this essay is too good and just makes too much sense its SCARY!
Name: steph reviewed Single on Jul 10, 2007 02:36 pm
Another added note I think you should add to your essay...when Harry asked Luna to the party the text says..

page 311..

"How would you like to come to Slughorn's party with me tonight?'
The words were out of Harry's mouth before he could stop them; he heard himself say them as if it were a stranger speaking."

I found that passage odd....."as if it were a *stranger* speaking...." Maybe that means he hasn't been acting like himself lately(due to being drugged?)

Make of that what you are better at analyzing the text than me!
Name: Dio reviewed Single on Jul 07, 2007 01:46 pm
The only problem I have with your story is at the beginning. You stated that if Harry imagined the scent of flowers when smelling Amortentia, then that means he would have been dosed with the potion while at the Burrow because Ginny smelled liked flowers.

This is purely coincidence, because it is normal for girls to "smell nice" with perfumes and other things. It is entirely possible that Harry was drugged in the sixth book.
Name: creamtea reviewed Single on Jul 03, 2007 10:00 pm

Thanks for your comments - politeness is always appreciated, particularly as sometimes I'm not very polite myself.

Anyhow, to explain: There are two people who wrote this collection of essays, I wrote Chapts 1, 3 and 4 - Anise wrote the rest. They are all under Anise's name as at the time of writing I did not have a publication point and Anise published here for me. I assume with 'Chapter 1' you're talking about my LP one?

You raise vaild points - unfortunately it will look as though I am now brushing you off when I say that my response to your points on the interviews is in Chapter 3 and to Hermione's motivation - Chapter 4.

When you read them, you will see instantly from their titles that I am not being evasive. As it is, the fact that I wrote an entire essay on each of those very issues just shows how seriously I took those points.
Name: Neoma reviewed Single on Jul 03, 2007 03:44 am
IMO, the authors' motives aren't relevant to their arguments.

The commmenters should rather focus on points presented in their essays and give their own arguments.
Name: witchfire reviewed Single on Jul 03, 2007 03:12 am

Firstly, I'd just like to congratulate you on the obvious level of literary competence you possess, and the thorough research you've clearly undertaken. Secondly, I regret that I could only manage to read the first chapter of your essay, and I'll get back to the rest of it at a later date, but thought I should comment on the particular part I've read.

So far I'm not entirely convinced with your argument and although I've gone to the chapters/pages sourced, cannot yet reconcile myself with the idea of Hermione dosing Ginny with a love potion. It's a shame you refuse so vehemently to take symbolism into consideration as I believe it is an inherent ingredient to fully understanding and appreciating the text. I personally don't feel that a complex analysis can be carried out, or the potential nuances embedded within the text fully realised, without considering the symbolism woven throughout the entire series.

Symbolism aside, I like to form my opinions using as wide a variety of sources as possible, first and foremost of which would be JK herself and I'm not sure you truly regard her quoted interviews/statements etc., as they're intended. This, however, may be put down to a simple difference in personal opinion.

In any case, the main flaw of your argument in my opinion was your portrayal of Hermione, her archetypal characteristics and overall psyche. I believe you've misunderstood her motives and purposes as a character. I also think you've read too much into the absence of "flowery smells" and obvious lack of references/inquires concerning Ginny on Harry's part, which constitutes a central component of your argument. I think it's imperative to consider the fact that compression is inevitable in a novel and therefore it is simply not possible to include every minor detail or hint pertaining to Harry/Ginny in particular. Thus, omission of inquires concerning Ginny and other signs of his feelings towards her are of little significance and cannot be interpreted as a sure sign of interference via love potion on Hermione's part. I also think that, on the whole, Harry’s and Ginny’s relationship is more an avenue of provision for Harry's growth and development than a core plotline.

Continuing the above points I think it's safe to assume that it wasn't necessary to litter subtle hints and clues about Harry’s true feelings for Ginny as their relationship was a minor sub-plot and canonical Harry is given to moody, adolescent introspection and consequently, entitled to concealment of his feelings. Thus, JK included the most important and relevant scenes concerning Harry and Ginny’s fleeting relationship/romance, as she saw them and quite frankly, as an author myself, I can empathise with her. I don’t pretend to be privy to JK’s thoughts, however and this latter paragraph has been pure speculation-based opinion.


PS: Refrain from sarcastic/superfluous retaliation would be much appreciated; as it's apparent that you’re far more intelligent than that.
Name: creamtea reviewed Single on Jul 02, 2007 10:41 pm
Why do I get the feeling that if Anise was writing pro-H/G essays that she'd be lauded as a Mistress of Elegant Style?

And the 'you don't like my SHIP so you must HATE hate the author, U sux, U DIE - so stop WRITING STUFF i don't LIKE' stuff?

You can gussy it up - because hey, everyone here's so stylish - but dress it up all you like, it's still a ship-tantrum.
Name: steph reviewed Chapter 8 on Jul 02, 2007 10:55 am
Just writing to say I saw a quote on hpana from director Yates who says the next film will be "less intense and more, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll..."

Interesting, DRUGS and rock n' roll...

drugs=love potion perhaps??
Name: SPEW reviewed Single on Jul 02, 2007 04:31 am
Shutupmalfoy: Hello.

I just want to say that I have personally known Anise for more than three years. I have never heard her say a single disparaging word about the HP books or JKR except as it relates to H/G. You see, there are a number of people who like the HP books that think the appearant romance between them is shallow, fake, and hollow. We also have strong evidence to believe that the books will not end with Harry and Ginny getting married, having 18 kids, and playing a Scrabble-style wife swap with Ron and Hermione. That's the way of all books. People can like them overall but not like specific parts. I liked the Lord of the Rings, but couldn't stand the Rivendell chapters. Let Anise like the chapters she likes, and you can like the chapters you like.


I don't think anyone (most at least) is saying she can't like the chapters she doesn't like.

I personally don't like much of LOTR before they get to Rivendell. I found it a bore. I'm not particularly fond of the Hobbits, either. Yet I manage to go through my life with out writting tl;dr essays on how the hobbits are really evil and that Mr Bombadil was really Sauron polyjuiced that frankly have no evidence to back them up.

Amazing that.
Name: ShutUpMalfoy reviewed Single on Jul 01, 2007 06:57 pm

I just want to say that I have personally known Anise for more than three years. I have never heard her say a single disparaging word about the HP books or JKR except as it relates to H/G. You see, there are a number of people who like the HP books that think the appearant romance between them is shallow, fake, and hollow. We also have strong evidence to believe that the books will not end with Harry and Ginny getting married, having 18 kids, and playing a Scrabble-style wife swap with Ron and Hermione. That's the way of all books. People can like them overall but not like specific parts. I liked the Lord of the Rings, but couldn't stand the Rivendell chapters. Let Anise like the chapters she likes, and you can like the chapters you like.
Name: Jayne1955 reviewed Chapter 8 on Jul 01, 2007 11:10 am
Very well done. I think it should be further edited, though to include recent comments that Jo indeed made sure certain things that were important were not left out, Kreacher for one. If she saved Kreacher, but not H/G scenes, when it was going to wind up H/G, I don't know why.
Name: dreamworld reviewed Single on Jul 01, 2007 03:23 am
You're forever saying you're going to explore things in more detail later, aren't you. Why not just get to the point rather than going tl;dr on everyone? I always thought that from a stylistic point of view it was better to be concise. To tell you the truth, I think I would respect this sort of pseudo-intellectual 'criticism' more if you'd whittled it down to 'H/G sux because I say so. I have reasons, but I can't tell you why. I'm forever procrastinating through my verbal diahrrea.'
Name: Neoma reviewed Chapter 8 on Jul 01, 2007 02:19 am
What do you think of new clips and "behind the scenes" footage of movie 5?
Name: hill reviewed Single on Jun 30, 2007 10:43 am
Personally I have to wonder if you left out all your point 'you'd get to later' so that you can change them to fit the future circumstances and claim to somehow 'still be right.'

I'm glad you've proven to everyone that you still have a library card, but really, your analysis is so skewed that it all adds up a very well written, irrational mess.

You claim that what you're displaying is rationality, but I just don't see it. Before HBP came out, you had many theories born out of this same 'rationality' and when they didn't come through, you changed your tunes, started up with senseless hatred, and labeled JKR as a poor author (but only when it comes to where you were wrong- how odd!)

I don't know why you continue to read the books at all, when major parts of them offend you so much, you obviously don't have a high reguard for the author, and think that you are more of an authority than anyone. THAT is was REALLY makes me wonder about how rational and logical this all is.

I hope you let out the last part of your essay before the next book comes out, that way you can't edit it after wards, or pull some other act of cowardice.

One thing I need to point out, about your segway part of the essay- JKR doesn't have as much control over the films as you claim. That is total rubbish. She doesn't, and never will. She checks their scripts, and has been asked questions when they want to change something (like adding a graveyard in movie three, which she nixed, or adding Kreacher in after she said they shouldn't have cut him in movie 5.) You said she even spent time with the editing process etc. Where did you get this information? Interviews? Tabloids? Your own imagination? You seemed to leave THAT tidbit out of this very long essay. I wonder why THAT is?

Author's Response: The dogs bark, but the caravan passes on.
Name: Mem reviewed Single on Jun 30, 2007 06:18 am
You are going to feel entirely stupid when DH comes out. I hope you will be able to take down this wishful thinking essay so that it won't be mocked for years to come.
Name: Rhemus reviewed Chapter 8 on Jun 30, 2007 05:58 am
I don't buy it. Doctor Panglosse, "All's for the best in the best of all possible worlds."
You begin with a list of changes and then insist that every single one of them is an improvement. You assert that there ain't no such animal as a WTF moment.

The movies are much closer to the Books than regular movies. I can accept them cutting stuff to fit the 2 hour format. Hollywood needs eye-candy, so movie!Hermione being prettier is inevitable. I refuse to believe that every change is automatically an improvement.

I agree that Hermione punching Draco is an improvement, but straight haired bimboesque Hermione does not have the zing she had in the first 2 movies.

GoF: Harry fights the dragon was very exciting and cinematic. I enjoyed it at the time. But they spend all that time and drop SPEW. Neville giving Harry the Gillyweed was just to save money on CGIing the Elf.

Luna tells Harry aboot Thestrals. I approove of that change because it is more Luna screen time. Then the whole scene is rendered meaningless and futile because the Sextet flies to London on broomsticks and Thestrals are a complete waste of time.

Other characters speak Ron's lines and now the curse extends throughout clan Weasley. Hermione introduces Luna. WTF? Hermione has never met Luna and hates everything she stands for.

Movie!tDH: Molly lies dying in Arthur's arms. Hagrid and Hermione walk in. Hagrid howls in grief.
Hagrid: Arthur doesn't want you to die Mollywobbles. He loves you.
Hermione: Molly loves you too Arthur. She wants you to kiss the children for...
Name: mary reviewed Single on Jun 29, 2007 02:38 am
you are just crazy
hey, if you think JKR writing is rubbish why did you spend so mmuch time looking up and thinking about the theory?... i mean, you sure seem like you've spend a long time in it..
but hope you can convince yourself of that cause you certainly did an awful job convincing me... anyhow its impressibe how much thought you put into it(:

Name: steph reviewed Single on Jun 25, 2007 04:28 pm
Hey..your site has changed since I last read your original theory...I can't wait to come back and read all of your theories(even though I could care less about Ginny and or/Draco..sorry...)..good and through work! Even if the love potion one isnt true--which I thought it had to be after I read the book, I mean why such a strong emphasis on love potions in this book anyways???--it's still great. So cool to have another love potion believer!!
Name: Roos reviewed Single on Jun 22, 2007 02:56 pm
Wow, nice effort but I think you're reading too much into it. After all, its a kid's book. If you think you can do better, then write your own book and stop wasting time analyzing and criticizing JKR.
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