Name: dark_husky reviewed Single on Jun 06, 2007 12:37 pm
Oh. My. God.
I kept on thinking how utterly ridiculous Harry/Ginny pairing was (and this was before I became a Draco/Ginny fan!) since it was much to... unrealistic? But I couldn't have come up with this AMAZING theory! It just blows my mind! Thank you for sharing this!
Name: Fabulous Percy Weasley reviewed Chapter 5 on May 27, 2007 04:57 am
I wonder what Ginny's appearance in the OotP promotional material means.

Author's Response: We've been discussing this exact point extensively over on ARGH for quite a while now, actually. Not everyone there likes Ginny as a character, but I do. A lot. :) I think and hope that she will gain importance as a character in her own right in DH, not as Harry's disposable snogdoll. However, every single opportunity to show H/G interaction has been 100% cut from OotP, and the way in which she has been portrayed in the promo material follows that completely. (I hope, actually, that the "look" so many have been referring to ISN'T what I'm afraid it is-- Ginny showing her hopeless crush on Harry as he shows no response whatsoever. That's not interaction.) There is nothing-- absolutely nothing-- that shows Harry and Ginny interacting with each other onscreen in even the way they did in print in OotP. There is certainly nothing, nothing whatsoever, not even the slightest thing, that shows Harry and Ginny interacting in promo material. THAT is the type of "appearance in the OotP promotional material" that would have supported H/G, and it simply does not exist-- I don't know how else to say it. What Ginny's actual appearances DO accomplish is to leave the door open for her as an important *independent* character. I don't know how to make this more clear than to simply say it, but this is about Ginny as a character in and of herself. It has nothing to do with H/G. After the release of DH, I predict that a lot of H/G supporters will turn pretty savagely on Ginny, because Ginny was never who they really liked-- only H/G. Just wait and see.
Name: tmarauder reviewed Single on May 20, 2007 07:36 pm
i have always wondered if anyone but myself and my sister thought the love scenes, especially the 'monster', were horrible written. I hate the sixth book (thats on record!) because of its 'romantic' but fake plot lines. harry potter is not a romance story, it may have love, but not romance. i think the

D/G ship appeals to me because the H/G one is so horrible and fake. now i can give some evidence for why. thank you!

also, it doesn't seem OOC for Hermione to do this, red hen wrote an article about hermione being unstable emotionally which was quite good.
Name: Neoma reviewed Single on Apr 24, 2007 08:14 am
For search4inspiration:
Hermione was actually amused because of those articles, she said something like "Can't Rita do better?"
And yes, irony will be striking when Rita does better and tells this story. Remember, she's got back to job and I can't see her leaving Hermione alone. I'm expecting chapter "Revenge of Rita" :P
Name: Katmillia reviewed Chapter 5 on Apr 23, 2007 05:50 pm
This was great! Such a high level of research, I can't wait to see how you find sections of the film that could hint at things. I thought it was obvious how Rowling was adding in things she felt were important perhaps even beyond the books- like the Ron and Hermione scene in the third movie, with the hand holding. She put that there for a reason- and it's obvious why she did it. I'd like to read about more things she made sure to include in the films like that, little things that make people think. :)
Name: michelle_31a reviewed Single on Apr 20, 2007 03:07 pm
Very interesting read, I must say...though I'd never held any doubt as to JKR's involvement and influence in the moviemaking process, so it's not like I had to be convinced :)

Part II is the one that really has my curiosity piqued...
Name: bloomingauthor7 reviewed Single on Apr 20, 2007 01:15 pm
this is incredible- really well thought out and believable- i was skeptical at first, but this could really happen.
Name: Katy reviewed Chapter 5 on Apr 20, 2007 11:02 am
The nit-picky grammatical stuff first: Get thee to a proofreader. There are sentences in here that are so badly worded that it´s difficult to make sense of them. (Excuse the fact that I´m using accent marks as apostrophes, I´m currently working on a Portuguese keyboard.) Get rid of the superfluous material. If you say, "If they had known how successful the series would turn out to be, they would have fought harder for all the rights," you don´t need to add, "but at the time, they didn´t." That´s already understood. You do things like this frequently. You stated that the first Goldberg interview was a hoax twice, using the same exact sentence both times. Don´t do that. You also need to work on your parantheses and punctuation. If there is a paranthetical pause within a sentence, the punctuation ending the sentence goes outside the closed parantheses. In-text citations are contained within the sentence: Blah blah blah paraphrase blah (citation). OR Blah blah, "quote quote" (citation). You butchered those nearly every time.

Secondly, you´re going on about how mind-boggling it is that J.K. Rowling has such unprecendented artistic control and then comparing the Harry Potter series to a myriad of other books adapted into movies to make your point. But NONE of the other books you have cited have had anywhere NEAR the cultural impact that Harry Potter has. Not "The Colour Purple," not "The DaVinci Code," and Philip Pullman´s series? Not even close. (The only one that I´d accede would be the "Lord of the Rings" series, but those movies were created far after the books were originally released, which is- obviously- not the case with HP.) Considering that there really hasn´t been a book-to-movie adaptation of the same calibre EVER in history, is it that surprising that J.K. Rowling fought so hard to gain the creative control that she did? You make it seem like she was hording her books, waiting to make a leap at the film industry; I see this as an author also being a smart businesswoman and sticking to her vision.

Artists, whether authors or musicians or whatever else, fight for this sort of control over their works all the time. J.K. Rowling was lucky enough to get the amount of control she wanted. Many artists are not. But I don´t think that´s any reason to go about claiming that absolutely everything in these movies is what she desired, or to say that, as you ultimately plan on telling us, it means that the films are indicators of what is in store in book seven. What you´re forgetting here is that, as much as JKR may have all this creative control, we´re still dealing with a book-to-movie adaptation. When you discuss Harry Potter as a series, you discuss Harry Potter as a literary series. When you discuss the movie adaptations, you discuss the adaptations. They´re two different entities, and Rowling herself has acknowledged that. Point is, the movies are not literary canon. Period.

Now I´m going to go do something amazing to make up for the time I just wasted reading this.

Author's Response: Ah, the first flame! (warms hands) Differing opinions are always welcome. However, I have a great idea for something "amazing" you could do to make up for the time you apparently feel so strongly that you lost in reading this essay. Why don't you get to a university library, your local library, or even the net in order to do 1/10th, 1/20th, or even 1/100th of the research that I did *before* you begin attempting a rebuttal? If you understand in-text citations, then you surely must know how to do this. Clearly, none of these actions were taken. Instead, you failed to back up the only material point on which you actually expressed coherent disagreement with this essay in any way: that Rowling's control meant there would be no differences between book and film that were not approved by her. Misquoting Rowling is not research. Creating a straw man argument is not research, nor is it logical argumentation. The film adaptations do not and will not differ from the books in any way that Rowling does not approve, which is the proven hypothesis of Part I. This point was simply ignored; the pretense that "a series is a series and an adaptation is an adaptation" is not an argument. It is a tautology. The "two different entities" quote was explained within the essay itself, and that fact was ignored. rnrnTo tell you the truth, I think I respect this sort of pseudo-intellectual "criticism" even less than a simple "your essay sux H/G foreva!"
Name: search4inspiration reviewed Chapter 5 on Apr 19, 2007 08:00 pm
Well geez... after thinking about it for another 5 minutes, I may be fully convinced. Haha. Guess we'll all find out come July. :)
Name: search4inspiration reviewed Chapter 5 on Apr 19, 2007 07:56 pm
I am absolutely astonished at the level of research, analyzing, and compiling that has been put into this fabulous essay. I started reading it this morning and was riveted, and read bits of it as I got chances throughout the day. The arguments presented are very informed and convincing... I'm not sure I'll ever truly be able to believe the LP theory, but I've come a long way from having scoffed at it before. I will admit that it is most definitely a possibility... one that is much more likely than I ever imagined. Kudos to both of you for your time and effort on this project... I wish I could like, pay you or something... haha... I feel like you deserve more that just internet recognition for such work. I was thinking more about the article that accused Hermione of love-potioning Harry... that in itself will exhibit remarkable irony and foreshadowing if the LP theory does prove to be correct. Did you find anything interesting in her reaction to that article? Was she particularly flustered or anything? I might have to dig back through the books and check it out myself. If nothing else, this essay has brought to my attention just how intricate JK's masterpieces are... simple things like the Peter Pettigrew allusion in the first book absolutely astound me. Such brilliance. Anyway... I will be looking forward to your next installment very much! Like really a lot. Haha.
Name: Lizzy reviewed Third on Apr 19, 2007 03:41 pm
I must say that beforehand I wasn't at all confident in the idea of H/G being a huge misdirection. It was an idea I appreciated, especially since the romance in book 6 was a huge disapointment both emotionally and morally, but I never had much faith in it. But, now that I've read this, I'm sold! Book 7 is looking even better than ever now.....
Name: Jayne1955 reviewed Chapter 5 on Apr 19, 2007 08:03 am
Can I give the link to this to some other people? I'd like to link to it on John Granger's board, for example.
Name: Mynuet reviewed Chapter 5 on Apr 19, 2007 03:16 am
I'm sold so far, although I CRINGE to think that the PoA movie had JKR's blessing.
Name: Lauren email: reviewed Single on Jan 31, 2007 07:44 pm
I was wondering if I would be able to link to this on HPFF, its a fabulous theory and I plan to write a songfic about the events that might occur if this was true to the song Mouth Shut by The Veronicas. I think if I likned to this theory it would explain the story a bit better, but I thought I should ask for permission first. PLease say yes! My congratulations to you and Creamtea!
Name: Neoma reviewed Single on Jan 14, 2007 02:51 am
Except that he wasn't capable of loving her on his own in past five books. And even in Book 6 his feelings are incoherent. That and omnipresence of Love Potions in series needs explantion.
Name: harryhag reviewed Single on Jan 11, 2007 08:58 am
I have an idea! What if Harry just likes Ginny, and Ginny just likes Harry? It really blows me away that anyone would think that Hermione would dose Harry to force him into liking Ginny. He's capable of loving her just fine on his own, naturally.
Name: Neoma reviewed Single on Dec 27, 2006 10:23 am
I wanted to say: If Ginny dosed Harry, she would not be going out with Dean.

Besides, she, unlike Hermione, isn't shown in proximity of his drink.
Name: Neoma reviewed Single on Dec 27, 2006 10:21 am
Re: to Shrek2be
"No offense, Hermione is one of the best characters in the whole Hp series. I see Ginny more capable of doing this because her attitude has been "go for it if you have enough nerve."

Hermione already is responsible for blackmail, permanent disfiguration and encouragement to murder. She stated that Love Potions aren't dark or dangerous and she treats them lightly.
If Ginny dosed Harry, she would be going out with Dean.

"THis is Hermione we are talking about here. Why would she do these things? This is the only person who has a given a lot more to Harry than Ron."

Yes, she has given him sunlit days with his ideal girl :)
Hermione isn't romantically interested in Harry, she wants him with somebody else.

"Who’s not with him at the burrow? Hermione! Harry’s heart"

There are many girls who are not at the Burrow- Luna, Parvati, Susan Bones, Pansy...
Name: Shrek2be reviewed Single on Dec 15, 2006 10:24 pm
I happen to agree with some part of your theory, but I do not agree with Hermione dosing him with that. No offense, Hermione is one of the best characters in the whole Hp series. I see Ginny more capable of doing this because her attitude has been "go for it if you have enough nerve."THis is Hermione we are talking about here. Why would she do these things? This is the only person who has a given a lot more to Harry than Ron. than anyone else. Ginny isn't even well developed. R/Hr have not happened yet, JKr did say that there were some things in HBP which do not look as they first seem. You have read properly between the lines. JKr herself says that Hermione was a lot like her. I think that the R/Hr is a huge red herring. There is another case of foreshadowing when harry is at the burrow for christmas in HBp, we see this line
Oh, my poor heart, where has it gone? It’s left me for a spell …” and the very next line is “Has it occurred to you Harry”.
Who’s not with him at the burrow? Hermione! Harry’s heart (Hermione) has left for a spell
I would also like to tell that Harry ain't happy about R/Hr
Name: onlyreading reviewed Single on Sep 19, 2006 05:03 am
The love potion makes so much sense but I find it hard to believe would JK that kind of plot line for the next book. I am guessing the next book would be heavly about find the Horcruxes and can't see how the love potion plot fits in. But that's just what I am expecting of the next book; however it would be cool to see the whole love potion thing and from your essay I can see it's quite feasible.
Name: BlissOfMyReverie reviewed Single on Aug 11, 2006 10:12 am
I think this is a great theory; I love symbolism, and I think a lot of what JKR is trying to do as a writer is show that.

Harry has been compared multiple times in the books to Voldemort/Tom Riddle, who would obviously have some of his father in him. Indirectly, Harry is like Tom Riddle Sr, and Ginny is like Merope.

If this theory IS correct, JKR is absolutely brilliant.
Name: kate reviewed Single on Jul 18, 2006 05:45 am
Hermione has always seemed a little bit shady to me like she's always up to something but no one ever notices. If you'll remember in OoP, Harry thinks it's Malfoy that ratted him out about the dungbombs in the owlery. He tells Hermione about it and she says something along the lines of "Malfoy? Maybe.." and she remains thoughtfully quiet (or something like that) until they reach another shop in Hogsmeade.

I've always thought it was her because she secretly wanted him away from Cho....anything is possible, right? sure.
Name: Tinet reviewed Single on Jun 17, 2006 08:43 am
This is the most amusing thing I ever read. How desperate can one look for 'clues' to a 'theory' to overlook what's actually there. One just needs to compare Ron's behaviour after being subject to a love potion and Harry's behaviour through the book, to see Harry never was never victim of a love potion.
Just as an example, the analyses of the funeral scene is just not realistic. Leaving a person you still care deeply for, which is what JKR wrote, makes it sometimes hard to go through with it, if it is your decision to make and is not forced to you by outside circumstances. When you are the one to make such a decision it is easier to go through with it by not delving into romantic gestures, because it will only remind you of what you forsake right now and what you'll be missing by your own choice. JKR made that perfectly clear in that scene for people who are not desperatly trying to see something negative in that scene.
Name: Katrina reviewed Single on Jun 12, 2006 01:21 pm
I love your essay, and you have convinced me the love potion theory has definate, merit. However, my opinions concerning Ginny differ in some areas. My belief is that Ginny has been trying to get over Harry with her procession of boyfreinds if OotP and HPB. Her movements through them seamlessly, one after the other, seem to suggest she needs a relationship, or is perhaps desperately seeking a 'replacement' Harry. Perhaps even her overreactive anger with Hermione in the fight supposedly over Harry's 'Sectumsempra' fight was offense that the other girl tried to help her along and didn't think her capable of getting over obsession-after all it was obession that made up some of her vulnerability to the young Tom Riddle in CoS.

Also, in refernce to her 'blazing look'-on both occurances could have been determination to end the charade Hermione had begun. She was diverted in both cases: in the first, her embracing Harry is difficult to explain under this theory, however I think it would have been excuse to speak to him in close proximity without the others hearing so as to protect Hermione at some level(as despite this incident they are still friends, as shown later in the story). She was caught off guard by Harry kissing her, and with all of the witnesses at hand, including her brother, she couldn't stand to rat out Hermione or deny her remaining feelings for Harry that caused her to take this opportunity, though guiltily. In the second case she was cut off by Harry breaking it off himself, to her moral relief. Even her comment "I never gave up on you..." seems like a pre-thought-up lie, complete with excessive sappiness, perhaps even one she told herself when she couldn't let Harry go after the kiss.

I hope you will consider my alternative theory(despite some holes in it, as I'm sure there are), and thank you for restoring my faith in JKR. I really did hope that that sappy, underwritten romance that it is without the idea of the potions behind it was not what she had left us with.

Name: Caitlin reviewed Single on Jun 05, 2006 03:11 pm
that was mind boggaling. did not see that coming what so ever. found more evidence on pg.293. hermione catches harry putting felix potion in rons drink. Hermione says "you should be expelled for that. I'd never have believed it of you, Harry!" Harry says "Hark who's talking,""Confunded anyone lately?"
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