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I love the narcissa-caralyna-jasonnan story line. I loved pansy.
Even thought I'm not sure about the proposal idea (too young if you ask me) I love that this is a happy fic even if horrible things happen.
GREAT FANTSATIC JOB. (going in my favs! :) )
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You are a grand author, I really enjoy your stories, they are all put together very nicely. However, I am left feeling that this was an abrupt ending and I am definately wanting more, any sequels planned??
Name: Katzegeliebter reviewed Chapter 10 on Dec 14, 2007 04:48 am
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that was such a great fic
i lovedhte idea of draco and pansy as brother and sister
very intersting and new
great job!!
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no it can't be!!!


I love it too much!!!!

and it doesn't feel over!
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It sounds a bit open ended, but I'm not going to push for a sequel, for I know how annoying that can be at times. Again, fantastic job!
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Though I think he's rushing it a bit -- I love it anyway. Brilliant. Love Draco. Love the women in his life pushing him around. It's all awseome. ;)
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