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It was really good but I think the author should have put the floo call to the kids in the story.
Name: IcyHair reviewed Happy Birthday on Oct 29, 2011 12:13 pm
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u should do an anniversary sequel or something. love it btw

Author's Response: Thanks! There may be something along those lines one day :)
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Please write more! This is awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks :)
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Author's Response: Thank you :)
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Author's Response: Thanks!
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Author's Response: Thank you :)
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I just started re-reading this story because somewhere along the way I'd stopped. I really enjoy this tale, and Drake is just a all around cute mess.

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad you came back and enjoyed it :) Drake is a cute mess and he'll only get messier as he gets older ;)
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That was a good story!

Author's Response: Thank you :)
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you should continue this story

Author's Response: This is a honeymoon cookie that falls between my 'Dragon and Angel' fic and 'A Not So Simple Kind of Life', so it is continued ;)
Name: AuntAnnie reviewed Happy Birthday on Jun 22, 2007 03:50 am
I am totally in love with your Draco and Ginny. I love there personalities, I love how they interact with each other their children and their extended familys. This really was a treat to read, some how you always make me laugh, and the thought of Draco standing naked as a jay bird in the hotel lobby was hystarical! I cant help but tell you this was a great little story. Thank you. (I'm not pushing, but will you have another chapter of NSSKOFL soon?)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I couldn't help but have Draco stand naked in public *giggles* Actually, I sent the next chapter of ANSSKOL to my beta about an hour ago, so it won't be long *g*
Name: yiota reviewed Happy Birthday on Jun 22, 2007 01:52 am
Thank you for posting this, I was wondering how exactly they celebrated Draco's birthday. I'm not so sure that Narcissa wanted a detailed description though! Ginny is right, Draco and Drake are very much alike in their opinions of what their mothers should be like.

Author's Response: Thanks! Narcissa would be horrified if she knew exactly what they got up to at the cove ;) Drake is certainly his father's son ;)
Name: LilyLove reviewed Happy Birthday on Jun 21, 2007 10:15 am
very lucky indeed. HA! i nearly fell out of my chair laughing i should set up something like that for my honeymoon. awesome job!

Author's Response: Thanks! Oh, she knows just how lucky she is ;) I think it would be the ultimate honeymoon *g*
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Well, he kept a lot of things to himself when he told his in-laws about his birthday. I laughed outloud when he told Ginny he did not want to get sand in his bits. Now, we'll see if he tops that for Ginny's birthday!

Author's Response: Could you imagine him describing his birthday in full with all those Weasleys sitting around? He's not silly enough to use that sort of information when it's not needed ;) Sand in one's bits is very uncomfortable ;)
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OH that was just to funny!!! LOL!!! I loved this chapter. Poor Draco how will he ever! Great story to u and your beta! Good Luck! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Draco's going to need lots of time and distraction to get that memory to fade ;)
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It's fun to get to see what went on during all of the Dragon and Angel chapters!

The smut was great, of course, and the old woman at the end was hysterical. I laughed out loud at Draco's indignance!

Author's Response: Thanks! I couldn't help but right this one ;) Poor Draco, he might be full of himself, but he doesn't want anyone else looking, except his wife ;)
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So I always wondered what had our favorite couple done on their honeymoon. Now I know... GOOOOOOOOOD. 

Author's Response: Thanks! They had a wonderful time :)
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Author's Response: Thank you :)
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Author's Response: No, once their back they've got real life to contend with and that's not quite as much fun ;)
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~Truely wonderful. I just love it.~

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