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Name: erinem reviewed Prologue on Dec 16, 2007 01:30 pm
Cuuute! I like this story. It's a nice change from the norm, also.

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it, and that you find it different from other stories. That's what I was hoping for. Thanks for the review, and I hope you keep reading!
Name: joey101 reviewed Chapter 3 on Dec 16, 2007 01:08 pm
umm how old r they exactly??? all of the characters i mean...all 3 generations pleaz.

Author's Response: At the time of the main part of the story, Ginny is 93 and Draco is 94. Of the other characters you have met so far from their families, Albus and Scorpius are 69 and Ellen is in her early 30's. I hope that helps you make better sense of it!
Name: shaded reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 06, 2007 02:05 pm
"I may be too old to go out chasing dragons, but this will be a sedate sort of adventure,"
Famous last words? Hehe. I have a feeling that it won't be a particularly routine experience for her. I wonder why... ;D
I must admit that I'm quite curious as to how their relationship will evolve.

I liked the interactions between Ginny and Draco with their respective sons. Poor Scorpius, having to survive Justine's commandeering of the Manor all by himself.

Albus' concern about how the media would portray his family seems very much in keeping with what I would imagine Harry Potter's son to be concious of. Disliking the media like his father used to and being nervous of negative public opinion.

Hopefully there'll be some Draco/Ginny interaction soon? Looking forward to reading some more. :)

PS. I liked the little part about who Ginny would pass down her cookie recipe to. It gives very homely impression of Ginny as a mother/grandmother.

Author's Response:

Wow! Another really excellent review from you! (And I mean thoughtful, not necessarily flattering!) Draco and Ginny will interact again in the next chapter. (It may be a while before I get it out, though, because of my husband/beta-reader's schedule.) I really took my cues on Albus from the epilogue of "Deathly Hallows"--in that, he seems to be a worrier, especially about what people will think of him if he doesn't do what they expect (in that case, if he isn't sorted into the "right" house). I'm glad that it seems consistent to you too. Thank you for the thoughtful review!

Name: 0630938 reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 04, 2007 01:14 pm
Wow I love this ! who would have thought old ginny and old draco could be intresting!

Author's Response: Apparently I did! I'm glad you are enjoying the story, even if it is a little out of the ordinary. Thanks for the review! 
Name: Amanda Mancini reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 03, 2007 05:26 pm
What an upbeat end of chapter. Love, I'm going to start writing fanfics of your fanfic. "The Return to Hogwarts", "The Caverns of Notting Park" ...

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Though fanfics of fanfic might be taking it a bit far. :) Thanks for the review!
Name: Lunaeyes reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 03, 2007 04:17 pm
Oh, excellent finishing quote. Just perfect. And I must say that I love your Scorpius, and his comments about Al, and then his contrast in character to Al. Very well done. Bravo.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like Scorpius, though I can't take full credit for him. He appeared out of nowhere, protesting all the preconceived ideas I had about his character, and insisting that I write him as he was. Thanks for the review!
Name: dragonsangel68 reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 03, 2007 02:20 pm
Wonderful! I love how they're already thinking about each other *g* And it seems Draco is thinking more about her than she is about him... *giggles*

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, Draco is thinking a little bit more about Ginny than she is about him. On the other hand, she has a lot on her mind, what with her upcoming move and all--he has much more free time on his hands! But definitely hold that thought!
Name: faina reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 01, 2007 07:48 pm
very interesting..I liked it

Author's Response: Thank you!
Name: ginny_gaz reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 30, 2007 03:20 am
oohh..Romance at above ninety!!! hee hee..I'm going to love it I'm sure :D

Author's Response: I hope you do love it! Thanks for reading and for the review!
Name: shaded reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 29, 2007 06:16 pm
I was very glad to see an update to this story. But I can't believe that you made Draco almost bald!! How could you?!

All in the name of realism, I suppose. I see you weren't kidding when you said this fic is epilogue-compliant.

You've done a great job with Mr. Cambell's character. His enthusiasm was quite grating and I felt almost exhausted reading about him; there's a great realism in the characters. :)

I liked the introspective Ginny; how she regrets the choices she's made in her married life, but that it hasn't embittered her. Draco's residual feelings about the library hit close to my heart - I still wince when I think of Janine's banishing of the books, even though it's just a fictional library.

The little bits of back-story that are interspersed within the fic give much depth to it all. Such as how Draco and Ginny's sons hexed each other reflects their personalities, and what they thought of each other. (i.e. a 'carrot-top' -the Weasley- and a coddled, 'cocooned' child -the Malfoy.)

I can't wait for a new chapter. I hope that you update soon!

Author's Response:

Wow! What a detailed review! I'm humbled that you would take so much time to tell me your impressions.

Yes, Draco is bald in the name of realism and canon compliancy. But really, he's in his nineties. It's unlikely that he'd have a full head of hair, even if it hadn't been receding already before he was forty.

I'm glad you also like the little details and side characters. Writing those little bits and pieces is one of my favorite parts of writing. (And you'll get to see more of Ginny and Draco's sons in the next chapter!)

Thanks again for such a thoughtful review!

Name: xNymphadoraX reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 28, 2007 06:56 pm
Nice! Talk about a unique plot. I love how Draco hasn't changed a bit, even in his 90's! I can't wait to see how this develops!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so far! Thanks for reading and for the review!
Name: Lunaeyes reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 28, 2007 12:49 pm
You are quite incredible. Dealing with me and real life in addition to this marvel you've been working on? Just how do you do it?

I love Ginny's acceptance of the flattery while still not appreciative of it. And her first impression of Draco was perfect. And I can't forget my favorite: the results of their children's duel. Brilliant.

Author's Response: I'm happy that you picked out those details--they're things I like about the chapter as well. As for how I do it all, it helps that I have a rough draft of the story already finished, so all I have to do is edit. Of course, you can probably imagine what my editing process is like, considering what I put you through! Thanks so much for reading and for the review!
Name: dragonsangel68 reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 28, 2007 11:29 am
Excellent chapter! I've the feeling Draco doesn't think much of Mr. Campbell *sniggers* and that Fanny Marshall might just find herself being attacked by the green-eyed monster in the not too distant future.

Author's Response:

Your impression of Draco's opinion of Mr. Campbell is right on, and the feeling is mutual! Oh, the things we put poor Draco through! But at least we make sure he gets compensated for it eventually. Thank you very much for the review!

Name: Amanda Mancini reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 28, 2007 07:54 am

Oh, I love it. You know, ages are slightly off methinks in the Wizarding World. I'm sure that 90 year olds aren't nearly as fragile as we muggles. I imagine that this group home is more of a communal living situation for the sake of company. I've already written about how much I love this fic, with its potential for romance, memory flashbacks, funny conversation. Good for you, Em. This is wonderful.

Author's Response: You're right that I envision it as more of a communal living situation than a nursing home. They are a bit fragile, but not too bad--wizards do age more slowly. Thank you for the lovely review!

Name: tinamarie reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 28, 2007 06:27 am
I love, love, love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I hope the next chapter won't be too long in coming, but you never know at this time of year.
Name: KateinVA reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 28, 2007 02:59 am
This story is really very charming. Crotchety old Draco, stuck living in close quarters with an enthusiastic Hufflepuff. I've never read another story like this, which is refreshing. I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop between our couple. It's nice, too, that Draco had a good marriage in his younger years.

Author's Response:

I have made Draco suffer quite a few indignities, haven't I? That's one of the reasons he had a good marriage--I had to give him something positive to look back on! :) I'm glad that you are enjoying the story so far. And now you can probably figure out where the cookie I posted in your journal takes place--that will show up in a couple of chapters. I'm glad that you are enjoying the story so far. Thanks for reading and for the review!

Name: Rainpuddle reviewed Prologue on Nov 21, 2007 05:17 pm
I hate Justine. She rivals Harry in 3K for my contempt! And that is saying a lot.

I feel so sorry for Draco. He's suffered so much in his life while Ginny has apparently had it pretty good. Justine isn't something I'd foist off on my worst enemy...

A very interesting start to say the least. I can't wait to see where you are going to go with this.

YAYAYA for you writing again!

Author's Response: Well, Justine had to be bad enough to drive Draco out of Malfoy Manor to set up the rest of the story, so it's no wonder you hate her! And things haven't all been wonderful for Ginny, either--there's more that happened to her that you won't find out until later. Anyway, I'm glad that you are enjoying the story so far, and I hope that you stay interested once I manage to get the next chapter out. I'm as excited as you are to be writing again! Thank you for the review!
Name: shaded reviewed Prologue on Nov 20, 2007 12:20 pm
A very unique angle to work with 90-year-old Draco & Ginny. Aw, I can just imagine them meeting at the retirement home. Although, *chuckles*, I never would have anticipated Draco wanting to move out of the Manor & into a /retirement home/, the back-story about Julius and Justine made it rather believable.

Just one thing to note; I felt as though the jumps in time were kind of abrupt and it would take a few sentences to work out where/when I was in the Potterverse.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you found Justine a believable reason for Draco leaving home--I figured it would need to be something extreme like that. I hope you will continue to find the story worth reading! I certainly understand your point about the abruptness of the time shifts. I worried about that, but decided that I liked the vignette format for the prologue, and decided to go with it. The rest of the story will be more traditional, so it shouldn't be a problem in the future. Thanks for reading and for the review!

Name: Firolnechmacht reviewed Prologue on Nov 19, 2007 12:13 pm
I'm sorry, but I have to say that I'm thoroughly lost. Will you be continuing the story from the point you ended the chapter?

Author's Response:

I'm sorry that you are confused. This is just the prologue, which is designed to give some background about Ginny and Draco's lives between the end of Deathly Hallows and the beginning of the main part of the story, which will begin in the next chapter, and takes place several years after the last couple of scenes in the prologue. I hope that helps clear things up. Thanks for commenting!

Name: tinamarie reviewed Prologue on Nov 19, 2007 08:49 am
I am really looking forward to the next couple chapters, I love how even in the midst of DH we are still finding ways to bring our love birds together. Great job so far.

Author's Response:

This seemed like a way to be true to even the spirit of canon. I'm glad you are enjoying it so far! Thanks for reading and for the review!

Name: nun outfits are cool reviewed Prologue on Nov 19, 2007 08:25 am
huh?? aren't they like... very very very old now then?

Author's Response: Yes, they're pretty old. When the main part of the story begins in the next chapter, Ginny will be ninety-three. Thanks for the comment!
Name: Amanda Mancini reviewed Prologue on Nov 19, 2007 07:42 am
I want to punch Justine in the face. *twitchtwitch* I really love these 'way in the future' fics that are starting to emerge. Please, please continue :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you are so annoyed at Justine--you feel just the way poor Draco does! I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far, and I definitely will continue, though maybe not as quickly as I would like. Real life is going to keep me away from my editing for a while! Thanks for reading and for the review!
Name: 0630938 reviewed Prologue on Nov 19, 2007 03:40 am
I don't know where this is going and I LOVE IT
crazy bint Junstine I hate that sort of girl.

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it so far--hopefully you will keep liking it once the main part of the story starts! I'm particularly glad that you hate Justine--that's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for reading and for the review!
Name: dragonsangel68 reviewed Prologue on Nov 19, 2007 02:41 am
This is simply enchanting! I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. It may be a while before I can get the next chapter out, though, with Thanksgiving and the end of the semester coming up, but I will see what I can do. :)
Name: Phaedra7veils reviewed Prologue on Nov 18, 2007 06:43 pm
Oh, gosh! Feeling a bit hemmed in these days? Justine is quite a character. As grating as she is clearly meant to be, I can't quite understand why she wouldn't tell Draco where she sent the books, since it was only a matter of time before he left as well.

Author's Response: Hemmed in? No, not at all! :) Yes, Justine is a character. She didn't tell Draco where she had sent the books because she just didn't know--she hadn't been paying all that much attention when she cast the spell. I'm sorry that didn't come across in the chapter. Anyway, thanks for reading and for the review!
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