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Can't wait for your next one!!!
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Author's Response: I thought it was perfect!
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Nice job, I can't wait to read more!
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I would have liked the scene when Lily arrives and says that it is a good idea to be a little longer to know how Draco and she related
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Now we know James, is going to be quite a handful. Understandable, a young man trying to keep a family dynamic together with the to soon loss of a very loving Husband & Father. He is hurting, he feels like he failed his father. but once he sees that it is okay to love another & the family is okay, that nobody will make them forget or erase the memory of his father, that's when he will slowly come to except this new family union. It will take some time. Also James owes his mom a very sincere apology for calling her a WHORE. :(. NO MATTER HOW OUTRAGED, TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR. PERIOD!.

as for Ron, he may come to except this ONLY! for his sisters sake, but sometimes the memories of what Harry, Him & Hermione Indured by Draco & his Father, those Scares just run to deep, and nothing could change that. it just comes down to toleration, and for the sake of keeping peace for the kids & the rest of the Family.

looking forward to the next chapter.
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