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i hope youre one of the authors who update fast cause i cant wait for the next chappie!
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I like the friendly banter you have going on between Draco and Ginny. It's always nice when they tolerate each other but still have that spark between them.

I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, I'm really bad at writing long chapters ... I get too impatient and want to upload ASAP and see what everyone thinks :P It's a weakness, to be sure. Maybe the next one will be longer! :)
Name: Dracogirl reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 08, 2009 10:57 am
Great job. I love their banter: “I’ll never understand how you passed stealth and tracking,” Malfoy muttered... “Special favors,” she gasped.
“If I lose my leg because you were mooning over Potter in Medi-Training instead of paying attention, I’ll make it my sole purpose in life to ensure that you never get laid again." Keep up the good work; I look forward to the next chapter.
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YOu took a boulder off my shoulder, i was so scared you'd be mad at me for worming around your details and being a bitch to the image you have.
We're on the same college situation then, i have a big test tomorrow and HUGE test on sunday and the last one on Monday.

I was just remembering the last indiana jones movie, where there were HUGE waterfalls and he was menat to be in the amazon, but that was a lie actually, it's a very low place so we have short waterfalls, in the movie he was way down south in Brazil, a place called Foz do Iguaçu which is beautiful but the water is so SO cold!

Thank you for not being mad at me and enjoying the reviews!
And good luck with your tests!

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I love the whole nurse/patient thing
Some of my favorite fics include non-magical ways to do things so the fact that they are wandless is also a favorite for me!

Please don't take so long updating again!

Not to be a bitch or anything[ugh i hate when i do these things], but they are in Colombia or Venezuela by now.
These caves don't happen in bbrazillian amazon.
There is this one thing that happens and it's so much better than a simple cave but no one talks about.
We have these very deep rivers and they have this thing caleld gruta, which is a big cave, underwater.
To get there is necessary to dive and when you come up you're inside this huge air bubble!
That's the gruta!
And it's simply magical in there, some of them have sun hole that light up the entire thing!
THey are gorgeous!
Plus they'd both be soaked and have to get out of the wet clothes, so it would be good for the fic

I'm finding this fic so amazing!
I'm completely taken!
please tell me we'll have more chapters soon!!


Author's Response: I love your enthusiasm! Sorry about the caves - it just seemed to work that way in my brain. Hopefully it wasn't too off-putting! I love your descriptions of the Amazon ... makes me want to hop on a plane and get down there ASAP :P My final exams start tomorrow, so I actually don't have the next chapter started - there will be one, but not for at least a week (I'm done exams on Monday, which will give me MUCH more time for writing!) I'll have to get your input about any more Brazillian details I use in the story :) Thanks again! xoxo
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Author's Response: Thanks! :)
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Author's Response: Thank you! :)
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Author's Response: I think you might get your wish ... ;)
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Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad you like it so far :)
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i love the amazon region so i was really excited when i saw this.
i've read your other fics before and i really enjoy your writiing.i'm gonna go with jacktamara on this one and say that i can't wait for the juicy part!
there are those floating cabins in some secluded small areas that are just gorgeous!!!
perfect for a night of passionite romance.
although i love the bickering first as a heated weird foreplay so don't just jump to the sack now

oh yeah,do you think you could change the rating to extremely naughty?
i loved what you did to a lingering glimpse and it would be great here
just something to think about

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As for your informations about Brazil and the Amazon, they are correct so far. I'm brazilian and i've been to Amazon,Pará and Acre [all of which have parts of amazon forest] sevral times over the years so i would know about culture and anythign else[in case you want a pointer of some sort just let me know].
one thing that is incredibly annoying about that region is not exactly mud but dry leaves scattered all over the floor holding water. Mosquitoes at all times and your skkin always feels clamy like you're having goosebumps and sweating at the same time, it's really disgusting and when you finally get in the water(igarapés-rivers that can start really thin and go really wide with trees in the middle of it) you never wanna leave, it feels wonderful!
An interisting thing about igarapés is that there are crabs in the bottom so when you lie down on the water floating you can hear their paws clicking and there are huge snakes in most of the igarapés.
I knwo this is just miscellanious but i've only seen very few fics about brazil and there are some really wrong things about it, so i just wanna offer you 24/7 support!

I'm really enjoying this partnership,it's sure to bring us far too many laughs!Great thinking!
I can't wait to see Draco and Ginny!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the info AND the review! :) It will definitly help me, and if I have any questions I'll let you know! xo
Name: Jack Tamara reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 01, 2009 01:11 am
hahaha, i loved the last line, and your descriptions are really nice and detailed. i could really see it in my mind. i can just imagine draco and ginny, bickering for the first month, and then shagging like bunnies away from civilization for five more months, hehe, just in time for blaise and harry to stumble on them...anyways, good job, and please update soon!

Author's Response: hahaha, I'm really excited to get to the meat of this story :P Thanks so much! xo
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