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Name: quirky_vixen reviewed Contract on Feb 26, 2021 12:04 pm
Wow! I'm so excited and looking forward to their marriage and what happens next! You write so well !

Author's Response: Oh, my dear! Thank you for you kind words. Next chapter WE SHALL HAVE A WEDDING! hahaha It's almost finished, hope you continue enjoying it. =)
Name: quirky_vixen reviewed A Longer Visit to Aunt Muriel on Feb 04, 2021 11:13 am
I've just discovered this story and I'm enjoying it immensely. Can't wait to see what's in store :)

Author's Response: Oh! Thank you so much for the comment! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the chapters! I already finished the next one and will post soon! I hope you continue with me! Your comment means a lot to me!
Name: Mishutka reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 26, 2021 12:45 pm
The chapter i believe everyone was looking for. Now their story should finally begin.
Overall very intense,very emotional, basically very good.
Everyone knows it is not going to be easy for Ginny. Draco is not going to make it easy for her as well. But will see. Hopefully, the humanity in him can blossom with her help.
Cant wait the next chapter.

Author's Response: YES! And I was so excited to hear what you all thought about this chapter! From now on, things will start to heat up! They'll be forced to deal with each other and from there, only God knows haha Draco certainly isn't a merciful person. I believe our Ginny will suffer a lot at his hands. But, hopefully, Ginny will bring out the best in our favorite Slytherin. The next chapter is ready! I'll post it soon! I hope continue seeing you here! Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:50 am
Just a heart felt request. No matter what shade of gray Draco's character and nature be, please do not make him a lowlife :'(

Author's Response: Draco will be our Despicable Me, haha You can rest easy! I couldn't live with the idea of Draco being a complete idiot. Again, he's only human. I never tire of talking about how much I like your comments! They made me happy this past month! Your excitement was transmitted here, miles away. Thank you one more time! See ya soon enough!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:47 am
I have to share this story about why I mentioned *rape*.
Okay, so it was my early days in Draco/Ginny fandom. Lol.
I came across a story where the jist was Ginny had been abducted by deatheaters. And Draco saved her.
Ginny accused him of raping "innocent" girls. And Draco claimed that he did not rape "innocent" girls, he raped prostitutes. Ginny heard that and SAID IT WAS OKAY. AND THEN APPOLOGIZED FOR ACCUSING HIM??!!
Yes. You read that right.
I was traumatized. I was very new to this fandom and thought if this was the way they are getting D and G together! I had to stop reading for some days. I felt that disgusted.
I mean I do not know the gender of that writer. And it really does not matter tbh.

Author's Response: What a hell is wrong with these people? I almost threw acid into my eyes when I read this What misogynous crap! Forgive me for the expression. The genre of the author doesn't really matter, because this type of idea is something so embedded in our society that people end up reproducing them almost automatically, without question. A real shame! (But I wouldn't doubt it if it were a man writing this. Just today I was seeing some guys who created a MOD for the game Final Fantasy that made a character's breasts - amazingly - sway with the wind. WTF?) Now about Draco and rape... To be honest, this is an idea that doesn't just make me uncomfortable. It HORRIFIES me! I'd never resort to such a narrative artifice. (This doesn't mean, of course, that Ginny and Draco won't experience hate-sex, for example. But explicitly consensual) *wink wink*
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:40 am
Btw, what are your thoughts on Draco killing people? I mean I sure hope that he is not a rapist (I won't be able to root for him. I am so sorry).
I mean he may have killed innocent people and I know everyone protagonist is gray here but this is quite hard to digest?
I mean for example, small children, unarmed women or old is very tough to love/care for a MC if he/she killed innocents...
Just my pov. I hope you don't mind :*

Author's Response: I'd never mind your opinions! In fact, they are very helpful and I usually write thinking about them haha I try to balance the fact that I want a story as realistic as possible, but without causing disgust for the characters. Draco WOULD NEVER be a rapist in this story. But let's discuss it later, shall we? About killing people... Well, they're in the middle of a war. Both the 'good guys' and the 'dark side' will not hesitate to resort to extreme resources to achieve their goals. That said, I think Draco is no exception. That said, I can't imagine Draco killing innocents - or killing for no reason, for that matter. After suffering so much, being oppressed, tortured ... I can't imagine he would perpetuate this chain of misfortunes. Everyone is grey in this story. But I know everything has a limit that should not be crossed, haha
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:34 am
As usual, outstanding execution.
I really loved reading both of their thought process. And Draco, wel, he should be awarded as the best son of the decade!

Author's Response: I found out that I love getting inside Draco's head. Pity that it's so difficult to write under his perspective. Otherwise, the story would take place entirely in his POV, haha And just as Ginny is human - not entirely good, perfect - so is Draco. Even on the wrong side of the story, he's not entirely evil. This brings us to your other comment.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:32 am
Ginny should be awarded as the best businessman (female) of the decade!

Author's Response: It doesn't go unnoticed that, to be a business person, it's necessary to have a good dose of obstinacy. And be somewhat ruthless? Ginny really made questionable decisions in the last chapter. And I like her like that! I don't like the perfect Ginnys who don't make mistakes. She's only human, after all. And now she'll be forced to deal with the consequences of her own actions. Draco isn't a very forgiving person, definitely.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:31 am
Most important chapter till now!

Author's Response: Not only that. By far, it's my favorite chapter! So visceral! And I also feel a little sorry for Draco, but we will discuss this more in a moment. I'M SO HAPPY BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TIME TO WRITE!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Poking the Dragon on Jan 20, 2021 11:31 am

Author's Response: OH MY GOODNESS I'M BACK
Name: NTA123 reviewed The Beginning of Their Story on Jan 18, 2021 02:12 pm
Hey, I am waiting for the new update that you had said you were done with? I hope everything is fine and you are doing well. No rush. Really! Just checking on you...
Take care!

Author's Response: Oh, my dear, thank you so much for your concern. It's very sweet and kind. I'm fine, really! The chapter is ready, I uploaded it on Thursday or Friday, I dont quite remember. Turns out, there's a delay between posting and approval (every new chapter must be approved by the moderators) and sometimes it takes a while. But I suppose it will be approved soon! I hope you hold on until then, haha Bear with me!
Name: rah reviewed Life Goes On on Jan 01, 2021 11:13 am
I am absolutely loving this story, cannot wait for an update!

Author's Response: Thanks for commenting! I'm very happy to hear you're loving this story! I also love writing it haha, we're a perfect match then! The next chapter is ready, I hope you continue to enjoy it - and letting me know about your thoughts. Thank you one more time, you're very sweet! See ya
Name: janelove reviewed The Beginning of Their Story on Dec 26, 2020 07:12 am
Can’t wait for more!

Author's Response: You won't wait anymore, tks Merlin! haha I've just finish the last installment. Hope to see you soon!
Name: NTA123 reviewed The Beginning of Their Story on Dec 23, 2020 07:22 am
Poor baby James :'(

Author's Response: Poor indeed! I love him so much! But don't fear, he'll be safe from now on (at least for a while)
Name: NTA123 reviewed The Beginning of Their Story on Dec 23, 2020 07:19 am
Draco seems to be attracted to her. A strong attraction! Awesome. And Ginny seems to be "affected" by his presence. Cherry on the top!
The last part was sad though. Goyle should be punished badly!!! Promise me that, please?

Author's Response: Poor Ginny, she wanted to get rid of the past, but it insisted on appearing in the figure of Draco. And there's Goyle to harass her. Prick! Sometimes I think the great villain in this story isn't Voldmort, but Goyle. The biggest threats come from where we least expect it, I suppose. But I promise you, he'll get exactly what he deserves - it might just take a while, haha. Bear with me. Basically, what remains in the air is: Why is Draco attracted to her? Did Draco recognise her? HOHOHO
Name: NTA123 reviewed The Beginning of Their Story on Dec 23, 2020 07:17 am
I am SO impressed with this "first" meeting. I mean usually in every story when the hero and his lady love meet after a long time it is shown as a specific event or a shocking relevation.
But here you have written their "latest" meeting as their "first" expressed one for us!

Author's Response: haha, I like subverting some expectations on those occasions. It's a way to have fun while writing the story, I think. Ginny is an important potion-maker, who happens to be a big potion supplier to the Ministry. It seemed natural to me that Draco and her had already interacted at some point after she became more prominent. But there's a big question somewhere that you're not asking yourself (or at least you weren't asking me, haha)
Name: NTA123 reviewed The Beginning of Their Story on Dec 23, 2020 07:14 am

Author's Response: YES THEY DID! haha RIGHT BEHIND OUR BACKS! Naughty, naughty kids
Name: NTA123 reviewed A Motherís Love on Dec 09, 2020 10:04 am
Sorry for the late reviews. I do not get any notification even if I have kept them on.
I found this update when I was checking for a new chapter.
I might be one single reader but I will always review your chapters, well, as long as I can.
Please do not be sad. You are brilliant!

Author's Response: Please, don't be sorry. I thought I had displeased you with the last chapter and I was a little worried but seeing you here again is SO nice. For sure you may be a single reader, but I venture saying you're the dearest one. Thank you again for your comments. After reading your words I started writing again and I hope to post the next one by the Christmas (a little gift, perhaps?) See ya soon!
Name: NTA123 reviewed A Motherís Love on Dec 09, 2020 10:00 am
Ginny makes potion. She is exceptional at it.
So...she can offer her potions to help Cissa or Draco himself will contact her for it? She can somehow attract Draco's attention?
Just thinking about some

Author's Response: You're an excellent detective, I don't know how to respond you without giving away any spoiler! Shame on you for putting me in this situation! hahaha Yes! Ginny's VERY good at making potions. And YES it'll attract Draco's attention. (not only it, for sure) One can say it's her abilities that will bring them together!
Name: NTA123 reviewed A Motherís Love on Dec 09, 2020 09:52 am
I feel bad for both Ginny and Draco. Both are lonely and I really hope they meet fast.
I guess Ginny will try to talk to Cissa or try to contact Draco to talk to Cissa?
Will she tell them about James on the first day they will meet?

Author's Response: Ohhh, don't need to worry anymore! Draco and Ginny will meet in the next chapter, thanks God, haha! And Ginny will have a fundamental role in building again the bridge between Draco and Narcissa! It's all I can say for now!
Name: NTA123 reviewed A Motherís Love on Dec 09, 2020 09:43 am
I really love how you have included Narcissa in the plot. Ginny can definitely relate to her and the best thing is we, the readers, can understand why she can relate to her!

Author's Response: I LOOOOVE Narcissa! I'd never leave her out of this story. And I can say she will be an important part of it. Motherhood has a particular relevance in the plot and it's curious how the attitudes of those mothers are mirroring each other. I'm very excited to continue writing about these similarities. About these women As usual, thank you for your insights
Name: MVC reviewed Life Goes On on Dec 06, 2020 01:41 am
I'm quite intrigued by the story, I really liked your approach of developing the narrative and background of the world setting and premise before giving into de Drinny part. I also enjoyed that you are using some of the HP canons but adding your own twists and spins on it. I Feel that because of the way you are constructing the story consequently Dracos's and Ginny's relationship it's going to blossom more organically. I enjoyed the story so far and can't wait to read more of it.
PS. Sorry if my writing it's faulty, confusing, or not so eloquent; English it's not my first language.

Author's Response: Hello, dear! Thank you SO much for your words. I'm happy to know you feel so moved by this story. I'm a great paladine of the canon and I intend to stick to it as much as I can, haha. I suppose it will accompany me until the very end of this story. Yes, ORGANIC is the word I'd use to describe this story. I really appreciate things flowing naturally and it includes the DG part, of course. Let me tell you a secret: English isn't my native language as well. I struggle with it A LOT. For that, don't be sorry nor feel ashamed by your english (it's VERY good in my point of view). I'm looking forward to hearing from you in the next installments. See ya soon, darling.
Name: LMD reviewed Time and Tide Wait For No Man on Nov 13, 2020 12:36 am
I am happy the chapter is so long as your story is super interesting and I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Glad to know that you like long chapters. I think the two of us will get along so well because of it, haha The downside of the big chapters is that they take a little longer to get ready, I'm sorry. =( But I promise I'm already finishing the next chapter! I hope to continue seeing you here. Thank you so much for the comment, it means a lot to me. See ya soon!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Time and Tide Wait For No Man on Nov 12, 2020 10:12 pm
More like I want no awkwardness that happens with step-dad Draco and preteen/teen James. Connecting with children at different ages is different. I am saying in that sense.
Am I making any sense here?

Author's Response: Yes, you're making sense! haha I really got your point. In fact, I think I have no talent (nor patience) to write teenagers =P I rather write about a sweet little boy discovering the world with a badass mum and posh stepfather haha The next chapter will be here soon enough! I hope you keep enjoying it! One more time, I dont know how to really thank you! see ya soon, my dear
Name: NTA123 reviewed Time and Tide Wait For No Man on Nov 12, 2020 10:09 pm
Will James get more older when Draco and Ginny meet?
I mean the few stories I had read with Ginny being a single mom with Harry's baby, they are always with the child being above 11.
I am just wishing for a sweet and innocent connection between the child and Draco. May be nit in the most typical father-child way, but the affection is there?

Author's Response: Yes, James will be a little older when they meet again, but not much. Maybe five or six years old, as far as I can tell. The connection between Draco and James will come, I'm sure. But not in the beginning. In fact, I should warn you: the beginning will not be easy for either of them. None of the three, actually.
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