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Name: chantzdartist reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 14, 2022 07:05 am
FINALLY.... It's been long overdue. I really thought Draco would touch her belly, maybe even try to feel the baby kick. Hopefully in the future they would have a tender moment together in peace and forget about settling the score. Looking forward to what their relationship entails going forward. Keep this story going please! I'm so much enjoying it right now. Sorry if I've never left a review before, so this is my first time.

Author's Response: Welcome, my dear! It's a pleasure to see new people here, it always gives me motivation to write. Always remember that this is the only way the author has to know if she is going the right way. If it's tender moments you're after, I think you're going to love the next chapter. Full of cuteness and moments of affection between the two of them. They are forming a family now and I'm having so much fun writing it! Once again, thanks for your comment! It means a lot to me.
Name: NTA123 reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 05, 2022 10:31 pm
I am imagining baby products and clothes shopping. SO CUTE.
Malfoy heir or heiress, we luv you :*
I hope this baby will bring James and Draco together as well.

Author's Response: Ohhhh, I have the impression you will love, simply LOVE the next installment.
Name: NTA123 reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 05, 2022 10:27 pm
Given Draco's temper, I am really impressed how collected he was! It took Ginny 6 months but atleast the secret is out before baby Malfoy is born XD

Author's Response: Draco is really erratic, isn't he? You can see this within the chapter itself. But I think his reaction made sense given the context/character. Hope you got the same impression as mine.
Name: NTA123 reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 05, 2022 10:25 pm

Author's Response: hahahaha, hope you enjoyed it!
Name: derfishsquiggi reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 05, 2022 09:28 pm
Also, I can't believe I just found this story last week, and now a new ch is out and instead of pacing myself and saving it, I just dove right in the NIGHT you posted it... bad decision indeed hahaha

Author's Response: Hope I can compensate your bad decision potentially creating another one! The next chapter is done! Appreciate it WITHOUT moderation, please hahah
Name: derfishsquiggi reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 05, 2022 09:22 pm
ahhh yesssss finally!!!! So while reading this, I find myself internally screaming at Ginny for not speaking her true thoughts (the ones that want Draco) but, shockingly, all the more enjoying her willingness to go head to head with him and pushing him the way only she can. I really like how you write her, she's not just a love struck puppy, and although I like those stories too, they have a time and place. I opened this chapter expecting resolve and there's more chaos and I would be lying if I said I'm not loving it. I really hope you do stick with it. I'd love to see this story come to an end, I'm already invested. :) Hope this review gave you a little motivation to keep going ;)

Author's Response: Dear, your review gave me all the motivation that I needed! Thank you! If it weren't it, I probably would take looonger to finish the chapter. My life is quite crazy right now, haha I'm so happy with your mixed feelings haha. Yes, we might be annoyed/baffled at Ginny for not speaking, but then again, how many times have we done this kind of thing in our own lives. Miscommunication is a NIGHTMARE, but very real haha Rest assured! Chaos ensues! There's no other way to define these two dorks haha, they are, indeed, chaotic! I loved, loved, LOVED your words. Thank you so much (and see you veeery soon)
Name: derfishsquiggi reviewed Life Goes On on Dec 29, 2021 01:32 pm
ahhhh started this yesterday and have not been able to put it down since. Already anticipating the next chapter!! I love how both D+G are depicted and am living for their interactions. My only complaint- there's not enough.. but I'll be patient :OOO

Author's Response: Ohhhh! Not enough interactions betwween the two of them, you mean? I'll try to fix this little problem in the next installment! Hope you can enjoy it! Anyway, thank you for reading this little monster! It's a great praise to me! See you very soon
Name: Reenawing888 reviewed Life Goes On on Dec 20, 2021 07:04 pm
good goood

Author's Response: Tks!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Romania on Dec 17, 2021 09:46 pm
Is Ginny gonna have a baby shower? * acting cute awkwardly* *intense cringe* *sorry* '_'

Author's Response: hmmm, never thought about it, in fact. Maybe not a baby shower since she's away from family, but we can adapt! It gave me ideas for the next next chapter! I want to write stuff less heavy! Let's see what I can come up with! Thank you for your ever present comments! See ya very soon!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Romania on Dec 17, 2021 09:44 pm
She is gonna tell to Draco in next chapter!! YES!!
I mean if he will look at her he should be able to tell? She is around 6/7 months pregnant, right? If I have done the calculation right?

Author's Response: FINALLY INDEED! And it's almost ready! I'm so exicted to share it! Yes, six months pregnant. It's about time!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Romania on Dec 17, 2021 09:40 pm
I wonder if Draco would have hurt Charlie if Ginny had not come in between? I know he was taunting and all and was in "attacking mode" (I don't know that it's called lol) but would he have harmed Charlie?
Will Ginny ask him? I mean it should be very, very difficult, Okay, impossible (atleast for me) for someone to be romantically involved with a guy who have intended to kill your brother (a really great brother).

Author's Response: hahahaha, sorry but I laughed at the 'really great brother'. I think I would be pissed even if my brother was a jerk. =P And you are right, it would be impossible for Ginny to love someone who had hurt her family so deeply. That's why I THINK Draco wouldn't cause Charlie any major problem. Maybe we can explore it in the future? We'll have to wait and see.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Romania on Dec 17, 2021 09:17 pm
That was a close call. It was scary and I was really tensed.
I miss James though.

Author's Response: You know what? I miss him as well. But unfortunately, he won't appear in the next one too. But for a good reason! Next installment is ALL Draco and Ginny! Cannot wait for you to read it!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Romania on Dec 17, 2021 09:13 pm
I like Mirela. New ship I guess? ;)
Woah Ginny is so impulsive!! But then again she would not be Ginny XD

Author's Response: Hello! I quite like Mirela as well! I tend to enjoy feisty characters, haha. Like Ginny herself! The most reckless person we love!
Name: Ksumm reviewed Under Pressure on Nov 08, 2021 05:58 pm
Thanks for updating!!! You most certainly delivered when I wanted to see a more gentle side of Draco... I am just loving the character development between these two. Oh and goyle... what a creeper!

Author's Response: Yes, Goyle IS a creeper. I have half a mind he's the true villain of this story. We shall see what the future holds, haha Thank you for commenting, dear. It's very special to me. See ya very soon,
Name: NTA123 reviewed Under Pressure on Nov 08, 2021 10:56 am
Draco will be on a trip!
Will Ginny be able to tell him sooner?? I am gettin nervous!!! Argggghhhhh....
I just don't want Ginny to go through this pregnancy alone! She does not even have her fam with her.
This is so scary!!

Author's Response: hahahah, Draco will be away for a while, but I promise you she will tell him before it's too late. Dont be nervous! Yes, absolutley scary! I would not do that with our favorite girl! (and baby)
Name: NTA123 reviewed Under Pressure on Nov 08, 2021 10:52 am
What is Lestrange's issue? Yeah I know power play politics etc. But why is he so bothered? He is not young. He is childless. So, no heir (pureblood's most favorite treasure *gross*). Then what's he gonna do with Draco's position?!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Under Pressure on Nov 08, 2021 10:48 am
Tbh I think Lestrange is one of the biggest loser/useless fellows in fiction. Atleast in those I have ever read. Like why does he even exist? What's his purpose? Why a character like Bellatrix is married to him?! Ok, pure-blood rules and all. But why stayed married after that?

Author's Response: I completely agree! I tried to give him more relevance because he is Draco's uncle but MAN, it's hard, haha Even more after the Cursed Child (sometimes I want to forget this thing exists), where we see that the 'connection' between Bellatrix and Voldy was much more... ahem, deep that we thought first.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Under Pressure on Nov 08, 2021 10:43 am
I really liked Ginny's perspective here. And she acted really well.
Though I do not know why I imagined Voldy dancing in the black tutu this whole time! Don't ask me why. It might be that time of the month( mine has always been irregular) (sorry for the tmi) *awkward*

Author's Response: I was kinda afraid of this chapter because writing Voldemort is bloody difficult! Everytime I have to make sure it's not too over or too bland. Glad you enjoyed it. OHHHMY now I cannot take this imagem of my head, THANK YOU hahhaha black tutu! I'm laughing so hard right now. I'll never see him the same way

Author's Response: I was kinda afraid of this chapter because writing Voldemort is bloody difficult! Everytime I have to make sure it's not too over or too bland. Glad you enjoyed it. OHHHMY now I cannot take this imagem of my head, THANK YOU hahhaha black tutu! I'm laughing so hard right now. I'll never see him the same way
Name: NTA123 reviewed Under Pressure on Nov 08, 2021 10:40 am
I am so glad Mommy Weasley and Ginny met. I truly hope she does not have to go through this pregnancy alone. I am worried about her mental and physical health. Emotional health too.

Author's Response: Hello, dear. You know, the scene between Molly and Ginny is one of these kind of things I did not know that I needed until it is alive in front of me. I think I miss my mum, hahaha (living in two different continents right now) Yes, I agree. Nobody should be alone in a pregnancy. It will be corrected very soon.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Moral Hangover on Nov 01, 2021 11:39 am
Blaise is not dead. Yay.
I truly hope Ginny tells Draco about the baby.

Author's Response: Hello, She will tell him. It's bound to happen.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Dueling Emotions on Nov 01, 2021 11:13 am
It happened aggain! The site published my incomplete review!!
Okay, so it is my personal opinion but Ginny...I do not understand how pregnancy hormones work (no offense to any preggo people, I respect you all from the bottom of my heart!!) but it was quite low for her tbh.
I know, I know that how their relationship is. But it was borderline unfaithfulness for me. At least.
I did not mean to be disrespectful to anyone! Just putting my thoughts here.

Author's Response: I have been pregnant once, even though it didn't progress. At one point, I remember being absolutely greedy for certain... activities, hahaha. But of course, per se, it wouldn't be able to cloud any judgment. The fact is, right now, Draco and Ginny are not married for REEEAL. I can understand Ginny completely, really. She's alone, she's frustrated and she's feeling bretrayed. It's not smart, but it's quite human, to be honest She doesn't owe Draco anything regarding faithfulness. Honestly, in my opinion she will not owe him anything until he admits how he feels. And you were not disrespectuful in any way! It's your thoughts and you always express them with care and respect. Feel free and welcomed to keep doing that! Thank you for your thoughts, they are very precious to me. I missed you and I'm glad you're back! See ya very soon, my dear.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Dueling Emotions on Nov 01, 2021 11:07 am
Hi! Long time no see! Was too busy with exams and a lot of health issues. So, got late. Sorry...
Anyway, in this chapter, Ginny...
Well, it's my

Author's Response: Ooohhhh, such a cliffhanger! The site cut your answer in the RIGHT moment, I cannot believe it hahahaha First of all, no need to be sorry. I know you will always be here, no matter what. Take your time, be at peace. Hope you did great in your exams and, mainly, you're well. We're living in such tumultuous time and health is our main asset nowadays...
Name: Fifichang853 reviewed Life Goes On on Oct 12, 2021 10:38 pm
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Name: mercurialeyes reviewed Moral Hangover on Oct 01, 2021 06:56 am
I'm not going to lie...when Draco first appeared and said THAT... (I'm not going to repeat it because you already know what I'm referring to Ms I-Wrote-It-And-Made-The-Arsehole-Say-That-To-Get-A-Reaction-Out-Of-Both-Ginny-and-THIS-READER)... I nearly threw my laptop across the room. I'm not joking. I was essentially Ron Swanson there for a moment.

Now, this would have been bad for me financially speaking. It also wouldn't be great due to the fact that I wouldn't have read far enough to see him take it back like the little jerk he is.

Am I happy they are finally showing a smidge of emotional honesty and maturity to each other? Yes. Am I loving that she is still a hormonal and overthinking hot mess and he is a manipulative snarky bitch while doing it? God yes. Am I loving that they are hot bitch messes while simultaneously beginning to be vulnerable enough to vocalise their protectiveness of each other and recognise when the other one needs a small silent gesture of comfort? Fuck yes!

So overall, I am incredibly relieved to not have flung my laptop at the wall as if it was overcooked pasta. I loved it (even when I hated it). The only consideration I ask for going forth is that you keep in mind my fragility and impulsivity when writing the next one. We've already established I might not make it if you don't update this story. But now we know - my laptop might not make it if you do.

Author's Response: I suppose we had an update here. From one of the most sweet and amazing commentaries I've ever received (your 'hot mess of a review') to THE MOST SPETACULAR ONE EVEEER. Hahaha, I laughed so much when I read this, literally chortled. I would never hurt Blaise, he's the owner of my heart. But I do enjoy getting reactions out of Ginny - and you. Don't be mad at me, please, it's part of the fun of writting. And I'm pretty sure if Ginny had a laptop (or anything heavy for that matter) in that moment, she would have thrown it at Draco's head. You're not alone, my dear. Now you've put me in a sticky situation. How to preserve your laptop AND your well-being at the same time? It will be a big challenge for the next chapters. The economic situation in the world is not the best and I don't wish to be responsible for financial losses, so I'll do my best to safeguard your property while updating this story. And I promise Ginny will still be an overthinking hot mess and Draco a manipulative snarky bitch. It couldn't be different, right? We have to be true to the characters! Sorry for the delay in updating! The next installment is almost done though. Hope you keep enjoying it. Really, thank you. You're very kind - and specialljy funny. See ya very soon, my dear!
Name: Ksumm reviewed Moral Hangover on Sep 27, 2021 08:37 am
Yaaaay!!! Happy dance! Ginny, go rescue hubby!

Author's Response: Yeeey, GO GET HIM, GIRL! Thank you for commenting! See ya soon!
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