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What are classifications?

Solution The current classifications are genre, warnings, era and canon compliancy. Genre is optional; warnings are not. If there's a genre or warning that doesn't appear on the lists but that you think should, contact us to discuss it.

The era represents the time period in which the story takes place, and does not necessarily represent canon compliancy. Past-AU and Future-AU are for time travel fics, or any story in which the original book characters (not their offspring) are significantly out of their own timeline or reality. Note that 'Next Generation' fics are only acceptable where D/G is also present.

Canon compliancy starts with Goblet of Fire. You can choose which book at which your fic begins to deviate from canon. The tags are:
(compliant with)
GoF and below
OotP and below
HBP and below
All but epilogue
Fully compliant

'All but epilogue' includes all of Deathly Hallows except for the epilogue, and 'Fully compliant' includes all seven books.
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