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What do the ratings mean?

Solution Not Naughty = anyone can read - milder than some Disney movies. Examples: Dumbo, Thomas the Tank Engine, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Princess Diaries

Sorta Naughty = Not for young children - there may be implications of adult situations or violence, and/or pottymouth. Examples: Ice Age, Galaxy Quest, Ever After, the HP movies

Definitely Naughty = Teens and up. Not suitable for kids, as the implications are now quite strong. Pottymouth is almost a given. Examples: Underworld, V for Vendetta, The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan

Extremely Naughty = Adults only. The implications are now statements. Don't click these if you're underage, because the instant that I get any trouble, the whole site goes on lockdown and people will start having to mail me a copy of their driver's license or some other harsh form of age verification. I will trust you all until you give me reason to do otherwise. Examples: Clockwork Orange, Debbie Does Dallas, Dawn of the Dead, Henry and June
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