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I just uploaded, why can't I see my fic on the recently added list, or find it in the search engine? Article rated 4.3/5.0
If you're an author who has been approved for posting without waiting then there's something wrong and you need to contact Mynuet. Unless you got a letter from a Mynuet saying you were approved, you'r...
What are the submission rules? Article rated 3.4/5.0
The submissions guide can be found here.
What languages are accepted? Article not rated yet
Currently, English is the only language accepted. Other languages can make guest appearances, if it fits a character, but huge chunks of dialogue in another language won't make sense to most of your r...
Do you prefer American or British English? Article not rated yet
Either British or American rules of grammar and spelling are acceptable, as long as either one is used consistently within a given story. Please understand that at any given time, several Cabal member...
My story was rejected. Can I resubmit? Article not rated yet
You can resubmit after the errors are fixed, but if there are new errors, or errors the first Cabal reviewer missed, it is entirely possible for it to be rejected again. We are not out to get you - we...
Um, I think my story looks a bit different - could it have been changed? Article not rated yet
It's possible. If a member of the Cabal sees you've made some mistakes in grammar and spelling, they can make changes at their discretion. Sometimes it's something negligible like replacing the femini...
Who can I contact about my completed submission? Article not rated yet
If you have a question about anything in your acceptance or rejection letter, you can reply to the Cabal member that sent it. We always appreciate polite and thoughtful questions; trolly rudeness will...
I think my story was rejected, but I never heard from you guys. What happened? Article not rated yet
You should read the article about email problems.