A Dozen Reasons to Get Back Together by Camilla_GoE
Summary: Why? Wasn't that what Hermione had asked her when she first found out that the girl she thought of as a younger sister was dating Draco Malfoy. Well, 'why?' was a good enough place to start.

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This is a ficlet I started a long time ago, found and polished recently, and decided to upload.

1. A Dozen Reasons by Camilla_GoE

A Dozen Reasons by Camilla_GoE
Author's Notes:
Thanks go to Rachel for the first read, and to Sarah for the beta.
“Excuse me, dear,” the friendly trolley-witch said gently, handing Ginny her cauldron cake, “but is everything alright?”

Ginny didn’t blink. “Everything’s as it supposed to be,” she replied quietly.

The older witch looked concerned at the Head Girl’s answer, but she had a job to attend to, and so she moved on, leaving Ginny alone again.

Ginny stared out the window of her carriage on the Hogwarts’ Express, her cake already forgotten.

“Everything’s as it supposed to be,” she repeated to herself. Maybe if she said it often enough, she could make herself believe that.

Automatically, her hand went to her neck, where for almost six months a ring had hung on a fine chain long enough to tuck under her robes. When not round her neck, that ring had been on her finger, as had befitted the girlfriend of the Slytherin head Boy. ‘Had befitted’- because of course she no longer held that position, nor the heavy silver and jade ring. She had thrown that all away.

It was back to how things were, how they had always been and probably always would be. She supposed she had been foolish to think that they had a chance. It was just how things were: Ravenclaws were smarter than everyone else. Hufflepuffs kept friendships for life. Gryffindors did not consort with Slytherins.

Unwillingly her mind flashed back to various scenes from the last year- sitting in the Slytherin common room with Draco by her side talking to Blaise as she read a second year’s charms essay…

…Leaning against the wall of the potions dungeon kissing- and being caught by Professor Snape, who had merely told them to get out of his sight before he was forced to take points or self-obliviate…

…Dancing with both Draco and Blaise at Midwinter. Well, they had called it dancing. McGonagall had called it ‘a highly inappropriate display of lewdness’ before she spluttered to a stop because Blaise was smirking, Draco looking bored, and Ginny trying to control her giggles…

Ginny shook herself back to the present and reached for a piece of parchment. After Tom she wasn’t willing to risk a diary, but writing down her internal monologues had always soothed her.

She found her self- inking quill and thought. Why? Wasn't that what Hermione had asked her when she first found out that the girl she thought of as a younger sister was dating Draco Malfoy- 'But why?' Ron had yelled, and Harry had gone pale and silent before threatening Draco with all sort of dire punishments if he dared to break Ginny's heart- and wasn't that an irony? But Hermione had just asked why. It was a good enough place to start.

Because I miss him, and despite my head’s best intentions, my heart wants to see him again. Because even now, he’s still haunting my thoughts.
Because, secretly, I think I enjoy the bickering and squabbles. Because, much as it scares me, he knows me better than anyone, maybe better than I know myself.
Because his kisses made me dizzy.
Because he treats me as an equal.
Because he’d spoil me if I let him.
Because I’m not sure I can tell the difference between love and hate anymore; somewhere along the years, the lines got a little hazy.
Because I know in my heart that he’s right- that we will keep on doing this until he gives up or I give in. and because I’m not sure which of us is the more stubborn. Because I’m not so sure anymore that he will get over this, or that I’ll get over him.
Because he’ll never be boring. Because he’s one of the sharpest people I know, and he doesn’t tolerate fools. Because he makes me laugh.
Because he’s never expected me to be anyone but myself.

Because I love him.

Ginny looked at what she had written and groaned, letting her head drop to the table in front of her. Now all she had to do was fix it. Which meant apologise. She groaned again.

He was never going to let her forget it, was he?

End Notes:
And yes, it is a one-shot. No plans to continue, though you're welcome to try and convince me otherwise.
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