"The Phantom of the Opera" has come to Hogwarts, and Ginny's been dreaming of a mysterious masked teacher.
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Chapters: 22 | Word count: 27572 | Read count: 72325 | Published: Apr 16, 2006 | Updated: Dec 22, 2006
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1. Auditions (Reviews - 11) 400 words

I realize this is very short and without much substance, but the rest of the chapters are much longer.

2. The Phantom of the Opera (Reviews - 8) 921 words

Whenever it's a rehearsal, Italics is Ginny singing and Bold is The Phantom.

3. The Music of the Night (Reviews - 6) 1028 words

4. Confrontation (Reviews - 6) 1544 words

5. Bat Bogeys and Howlers (Reviews - 9) 1382 words

6. Changes in the Cast (Reviews - 5) 1548 words


7. All I Ask of You (Reviews - 6) 1221 words

The general personality of Blaise comes from Heart's Cadence, and many thanks to her for letting me use it. Also, from now on, Italics will be Ginny singing, Bold will be Draco, and Underline will be Blaise. Any combination of them will mean those two people are singing the same words at the same time.

8. Ginny, the Slytherin? (Reviews - 10) 1070 words

This song is 'Angel of Music' from Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Phantom of the Opera.' Also, I'm leaving Monday morning for a retreat, so there probably won't be another chapter until next Saturday.

9. Discussions (Reviews - 9) 1625 words

10. Cold (Reviews - 11) 1077 words

The song used in this chapter is Crossfade's "Cold."

11. Warring Songbirds (Reviews - 10) 1116 words

The first song is Avril Lavigne’s “The Things I’ll Never Say,” and the second is Nickelback’s “Savin’ Me.”

12. A Beautiful Disaster (Reviews - 4) 1074 words

The song in this chapter is Kelly Clarkson's "Beautiful Disaster."

13. I've Been There (Reviews - 8) 1066 words

The few lyrics used in this chapter are 'Why Have You Brought Me Here?' from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera."

14. As Long as You're Mine (Reviews - 7) 1861 words

The song used in this chapter is "As Long As You're Mine" from 'Wicked.'

15. An Invitation (Reviews - 7) 1350 words

Sorry for the wait, guys, but school has started; updates are going to be fewer and farther between.

16. Grown Up Christmas List (Reviews - 11) 1539 words

I don't own the song in this chapter. I have no idea who did it originally, but it's not mine ;)

17. No Good Deed (Reviews - 8) 1727 words

The song in this chapter is 'No Good Deed' from 'Wicked.' As of last Thursday, I'm a year older, so be nice; we're still pretty close to my birthday. ;)

18. Wandering Child (Reviews - 9) 1129 words

The lyrics in this chapter are from "The Graveyard," from "The Phantom of the Opera."

19. The Point of No Return (Reviews - 10) 1250 words

The song in this chapter is "The Point of No Return" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Phantom of the Opera.' I claim no rights, yada yada yada.

20. Exhausting Days (Reviews - 9) 1544 words

You can thank a snowday for the update ;) The song in this chapter is from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Sunset Boulevard."

21. Opening Night (Reviews - 9) 1266 words

All I can say is that you guys had better appreciate the ridiculous amount of code that went into this chapter ;) Happy holidays!

22. In Love (Reviews - 19) 834 words

And that's the end! The song that Ginny sings in this chapter is 'In Love' from Disney's "Hercules" (Kisou, I know you won't like so much song, but oh well ;)) Yes folks, this fic is officially over. A huge thank you to all of my wonderful reviewers for sticking with me through this whole thing. Look for the first chapter of the sequel sometime today! Thanks again! :D