Ginny recieves the opportunity of a lifetime from our favorite ferret, but there's just one little catch.
Category: Works in Progress
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Characters: Blaise Zabini (boy), Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Other Characters, Ron Weasley
Compliant with: HBP and below
Era: Future AU
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: No
Series: None

Chapters: 2 | Word count: 2578 | Read count: 3854 | Published: May 02, 2008 | Updated: Apr 06, 2009
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Story notes: Disclaimer: So I don't own any of these characters, but it would be really cool if I did.

1. Malfoy's Mistake (Reviews - 35) 1073 words

Hello guys. This is my first story ever! I'm really excited and a little nervous to hear what you guys think.

2. 2: The Contract (Reviews - 14) 1505 words

Hey guys! I'm back! Huge, huge thanks to my beta, Anna Scathach. And thanks to Flipinpenname, shans12342002, blissfulxsin, sweetpop, sly_princess, TASHAx, citrusabby, chazy, l1n21, AuntAnnie, harrypotterchick4ever, kksf1377, silver rose, Mars, wiccawitch, trukish, LurkerAurelian, aizak, snowfelon, Ginevra_weasley, IluvCaptainJack, Rashonda, sweetroses36, Dracogirl, Virgooster, christy86, Len, mchen, VickyVicarious, Lynth, and singin_in_da_shower for all of your reviews!