Barely sixteen years old and fearing for his mother's life, Draco stepped up in his father's absence to take his place amongst the Death Eaters. The following year at Hogwarts School was, without a doubt, the hardest he had ever endured. Now seventeen, the young Malfoy seeks to keep safe all he loves by doing the opposite, and taking the golden advice Albus Dumbledore had left him minutes before his death.

Category: Works in Progress
Rating: Sorta Naughty
Characters: Arthur Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Lucius Malfoy, Molly Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy, Other Characters, Ron Weasley
Compliant with: HBP and below
Era: Hogwarts-era
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: No
Series: None

Chapters: 21 | Word count: 57343 | Read count: 58990 | Published: Oct 22, 2009 | Updated: Aug 22, 2013
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1. A Task to Perform (Reviews - 7) 979 words

Prologue: In one horrifying evening, Draco sells his freedom for another chance to protect his mother.

On Draco's sixteenth birthday, he knows better than to expect a cake, or a party, or a day he'll want to remember for the rest of his life.
From experience, he knows perfectly well that his birthday presents will be far more sinister, and perhaps the last two he will ever receive...
The Dark Mark...
And a task to perform.

2. With Debts Unpaid (Reviews - 1) 841 words

One year later...

Although tormented by the destruction he has unwillingly caused, Draco knows he must get himself and his mother to safety before the worst happens. But where can he seek safety when both good and evil are seeking him out?

3. Nora's Word (Reviews - 1) 977 words

After an evening of reflecting on his actions throughout his sixth year at Hogwarts, Draco's dreams remind him of a time he can not recall in daylight: the day confusion and fear were first cast into his life.

4. Remembering Dumbledore's Last (Reviews - 1) 1962 words

Draco remembers Dumbledore's kindness and reflects on his current options.

5. What Evil Will Come (Reviews - 2) 1565 words

Draco's next destination is even more unexpected than the last...

6. Patching Old Cloth (Reviews - 1) 1087 words

How do you patch up generations of resentment? Draco must do so, and quickly, or even Harry Potter won't be able to.

7. The Pensieve (Reviews - 1) 1148 words

Draco's dearest outlet after enduring curse after curse all these years is a surprisingly non-magical one: writing. Of course, words have a power of their own to speak of...

8. Crimes Never Forgotten (Reviews - 3) 2807 words

Arthur Weasley comes home after receiving a worrisome letter from Molly. Draco must convince Arthur to find forgiveness in his heart for him and his mother, for if he can't, all hope for the Malfoys' survival will be lost.

9. The First Morning (Reviews - 1) 2542 words

Narcissa speaks her mind to Harry, Ron and Ginny, and now Draco, having overheard a conversation between Molly and Arthur about the confrontation, will need to explain it all to them.

10. Lucky Little Weasley (Reviews - 1) 2777 words

Draco's talk with Arthur and Molly is overheard...

11. Imperio? (Reviews - 2) 1548 words

Draco tries to be civil with Ron despite the young Weasley's hurtful attitude, but for how long will his strained efforts be able to continue?

12. And Into the Fire (Reviews - 2) 3587 words

Everyone panics when news arrives from the Order that the Minister of Magic has been killed and the Ministry confiscated.. Getting everybody to Grimmauld Place safely is one thing, but convincing the Order's new Secret Keeper to allow Draco and his mother to stay at least for the night is quite another.

Meanwhile, Lucius is broken out of Azkaban and brought before Voldemort to accept a very important mission...

13. The Quill, the Portrait and the Sorting Hat (Reviews - 2) 5204 words

Draco's Dark Mark miraculously stops paining him. And yet, when he learns what this miracle really was, he finds himself on a shaky, turbulent rollercoaster ride destined to lead him back to the wizard who had ultimately given him his first exhilarating glimpse of freedom and self-respect.

14. Dumbledore's Bequest (Reviews - 1) 4148 words

Dumbledore leaves a very valuable bequest to an unsuspecting Draco in the hope that it would be of greater use to him than anyone else.

15. Greatest Moments (Reviews - 2) 3856 words

More of Draco's hidden past catches up with him when a furious Professor McGonagall imprisons him inside his bedroom. Little does his captor know, he's been locked up before...

16. Unquestionable Trust (Reviews - 6) 2477 words

Dumbledore reminds McGonagall that he continues to place unquestionable trust in Draco and Narcissa, as well as in Severus Snape.

17. Loved and Lost (Reviews - 4) 2286 words

Even after their breakup, Harry still loves Ginny. But Ginny doesn't want to be loved in secret, so it's hardly surprising that a brief, romantic moment with Draco would only leave her wanting more.

18. The Pensieve II (Reviews - 3) 3868 words

Draco is finally allowed to share a piece of his past with Ginny, but when he does, her reaction is somewhat... unexpected.

19. The Birth of Debt (Reviews - 4) 3532 words

More memories, more angst, more lessons... More romance surfaces, but still more barriers stand in the way... More questions are found amid the continuing search for answers.

20. Dream Yourself Awake (Reviews - 2) 5048 words

Draco tries to aid the Order, but when he goes to talk to Harry, he realizes that the Boy-Who-Lived may not want his help.

Meanwhile, Lucius comes a little closer to finding his wife and son.

21. Not Alone Anymore (Reviews - 2) 5104 words

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