Ginny is tired of being the only single Weasley at family gatherings and all the pity that comes with that status. Draco could do without opportunistic women taking advantage of his desire to connect. The solution? Team up to become platonic dates during the holidays.

If only their hearts could stick to the plan....


Ginny kneeled next to the armchair to be eye-level with him. “This is your mum’s cousin, Draco Malfoy. He’s your gran’s sister’s son.” She turned to look up at Draco in the chair. “Draco, this is Andromeda’s grandson, Teddy Lupin.”

“Lupin? Is he—?”

“Delightful? Of course he is,” Ginny replied with a pointed glare.

“My dad was a werewolf,” Teddy said, addressing the hippogriff in the room Ginny had tried so valiantly to avoid, and Draco did another double-take because his hair was no longer flame-hued. He’d transformed himself into a platinum blond.

“And his mother was a shapeshifter,” he muttered. He’d never met his cousin Nymphadora, but he’d heard about her plenty after Aunt Bellatrix had found out she’d married a werewolf.

“My godfather says I’m special.”

Draco scowled. “Surprised he’ll let anyone other than himself be special.”

Holidating 6

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Story notes: This story is inspired by the Netflix movie Holidate. Some of the plot points will be similar to things that happen in the movie, but some will be different.

I'm dedicating this story to EvShadow/TinyYellowDragon because this was all her idea. I had no intention of writing this when she asked me if a story like it existed. But the plot bunny refused to hop away, so I succumbed to its infernal influence. Thanks for everything.

Except for the first three chapters, my plan is to update approximately once a month, each update coinciding with a different holiday or event that month. Which means - fingers crossed, knock on wood - this story will be complete before January 1, 2022. I will do my best to stick to that schedule.

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