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Irritations by Mynuet    (Reviews - 100)

An essay written by your Site Mommy on the topic of things that those of us who read through and approve your fics wish you wouldn't do.
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 3554 | Read count: 5668 | Published: May 30, 2005 | Updated: May 30, 2005
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Reviewer: Slythhearted Signed
Date: Jun 01, 2005 Title: Chapter 1: Irritations

I am so glad that you decided to post this. You know I agree with everything that you have written here so I wont repeat all my personal peeves. However, I do want to comment on some of the reviewers who have felt the need to blame their grammatical failings on the American education system. I hate to break it to them but the rest of the world has had to deal with this too. You have two choices a) blame your school and go through life looking like an idiot, or b) buy a freaking book/surf the internet and teach yourself the rules! I am still reserving the right to flog anyone who submitts a fic with "drug" in it on a Wednesday!