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A Not So Simple Kind of Life by dragonsangel68    (Reviews - 332)

SEQUEL TO DRAGON AND ANGEL. Draco and Ginny return from their honeymoon ready to live happily ever after, but their vast differences in background and family values make for an interesting start to their married life. Add Draco's inexperience with pregnant women and the stage is set for hilarity, confusion and embarrassment.
Category: Works in Progress
Rating: Extremely Naughty
Characters: Arthur Weasley, D/G Offspring, Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, Molly Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy
Compliant with: None
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: No
Series: Dragon and Angel Arc
Table of Contents

Chapters: 18 | Word count: 311733 | Read count: 47004 | Published: Apr 23, 2006 | Updated: Oct 18, 2009
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Reviewer: Sunfire Signed
Date: May 08, 2016 Title: Chapter 18: Unforeseen Consequences

Absolutely adore this story and it's prequel. Wonderfully crafted with complex and believable characters and engrossing plots. I truly hope there is more to come of this installment because I can't wait to devour more!

Charcoal and Paint by jessica k malfoy    (Reviews - 56)

He looked at the wall for a long time. “I can paint anything I want?” he asked finally.

She nodded. “Anything.”

“I want to paint you.”

This was written for the D/G Fic Exchange over at Livejournal and yall... I won FIVE awards. FIVE!!! I can't even believe it! I'm so elated! I can't even fathom how this happened! *faints* I won Best Overall Story, Best Fluff, Best Kiss, Best Portrayal of Ginny, and Favorite Line. I can't even comprehend this. Okay I'll shut up now so you can read it!


Category: Long and Completed
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Other Characters
Compliant with: All but epilogue
Era: Hogwarts-era
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: Yes
Series: None
Table of Contents

Chapters: 5 | Word count: 17659 | Read count: 14891 | Published: Sep 19, 2011 | Updated: Nov 16, 2011
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Reviewer: Sunfire Signed
Date: Feb 20, 2013 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

I can really see why this won! Excellent story, I loved the characterization and plot, it was very well crafted. The art, I believe was as well fleshed a character as Draco and Ginny. Bravo and thanks for the great read.