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Real name: Nadia Aguayo
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Hallouu! I am a lass named Nadia hailing from Gurabo, Puerto Rico. I enjoy reading, obviously, studying (Knowledge is power people!). I like to make up stories in my head, alas, I have no talent for writing. I seriously envy all those who can write...but no, I'm a pitiful you're not going to see stories posted here from me! I am a Ginny/Draco, Severus/Hermione, HarryDraco craving addict and I dont pay attention to what others think of me. Like all of us, I have an imaginary friend named Draco. He’s a conceited, fun, sexy, self involved, hot, rich, blonde who makes killer fajitas and even better mofongo and likes to dance in his underwear for me.

In a perfect world I would be a prima ballerina or broadway star. I’m married to Orlando Bloom, and he sings to me in his Legolas leggings and wig, I have a cottage in England and New Zealand, a beach house in Hawaii, a pad in San Francisco and a loft in Chicago, a boat, a jet ski and a Mexican hat that says “México, Tequila”. In the real world I Hispanic, random, not married, no boyfriend, great parents, weird friends and studying like hell to be an interior architect and I’m loving every single minute of my life.

Oh yes! For those who do not know what Puerto Rico is..(shame on you!), is a small, exotic, stunning, breathtaking island on the Caribbean (Movie Pirates of the Caribbean?? With Hot/Sexy/Freaky/Fallen-Angel-Looking/British-Man-Candy Orlando Bloom??) with proud yet humble, kind and friendly people, and I'm one of them! Boricua de pura sepa!!
*Grins proudly from ear to ear*

If you're still reading all the bull that I'm writing here...dear Lord you’re bored…

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