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A little bit about me:

Name is Kara. I am twenty-two years old. I love Harry Potter and I am a redhead with freckles so I consider myself an older Ginny Weasley. I work full time with makeup, fragrances an skincare. I have two cats that entertain me all day. I am also working on my first book. I started reading fanfiction when I was 12 years old, started writing fanfiction a year after that but stopped at age 15. I am now writing fanfiction again and I love it. I started with X-Men Evolution fanfic and Harry Potter. Now all I read is Harry Potter ones and those are the ones I write. I will eventually take requests but currently I have too many fanfics on my brain to write.


Draco & Ginny/S.S. Fire and Ice/Drinny

The Ships I Sail (Not In Order):

Fire and Ice - Draco/Ginny
Flames of Mystery - Blaise/Ginny
Flaming Broomstick - Oliver/Ginny
Blazing Firebrand - Fred/Ginny
Draconic Beauty - Charlie/Gabrielle
Books and Quills - Percy/Hermione
Crazy Quidittch - Oliver/Luna
Dreamy Looks and Pranks - Fred/Luna
Dungbombs and S-P-E-W - George/Hermione
Fang and Flora - Bill/Fleur
Frozen Moonlight - Draco/Luna
Gillyweed - Harry/Gabrielle
Golden Embers - Ron/Pansy
Good Ship R/H - Ron/Hermione
Head Games - Blaise/Luna
Loonies and Lions - Harry/Luna
Loony Trickster - George/Luna
Miracles - Fred/Hermione (merged with Firebrush)
Red Moon - Ron/Luna
Remembered and Remaining - Cedric/Cho
Scarlet Bludger - George/Ginny
Scorching Badger - Cedric/Ginny
Strangely Perfect - Cedric Diggory/Luna Lovegood
Tenera per Validus - Ron/Gabrielle
The Government Stole My Toad - Neville/Luna
Always - Lily/Severus (formerly Cliched
Copper & Black - Lily/Sirius
Moon Petals - Remus/Lily
Thorn and Buck - Lily/James
Wotcher Wolvie - Remus/Tonks
Serpente Amour - Draco/Boy!Blaise
WolfStar - Remus/Sirius
Difference and Appreciation - Severus/Ginny
Gin 'n' Tonic - Tom/Ginny
Seduction - Lucius/Ginny
Embracing the Darkness - Draco/Ginny/Blaise
Fire and Lightning - Harry/Ginny/Draco
Puppy Books - Sirius/Hermione/Remus
Three's Company - Fred/Hermione/George
Guard Dogs - Sirius/Remus/Ginny
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