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Okay, so I shouldn't use Word to save as html; but I want to use bold, italics, strike through, underlines and blockquotes. What do I do?

Solution Simple. You can surround the text you want formatted with the codes for the formatting you want. In writing this I've used bolds to highlight any areas that I really want to emphasize, by surround thing the text I want with <b> and </b> - like so: <b>bold</b>. For more help on this, poke around They've got some great tips and hints about basic HTML coding. Also if you're still confused, and you've got a client for Livejournal (like Semagic) you can use that. Livejournal's clients and website read their text entries the same way that ours does.

For those with a bit more knowledge, the allowed tags are (appearing here without the brackets): strong, em, br, blockquote, strike, font, b, i, u, center, a, hr, p, ul, li, ol.
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