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I am an avid reader of d/g fics on various websites and I can't seem to get enough of them!
My only completed story, Fallen, is posted here. Each chapter is inspired by a song on the Evanescence album - Fallen, but I wouldn't call it a song fic. This story has been posted for a while but I'd love to hear any ideas you guys have for it because I have already started rewriting the story due to the complete OOC-ness of Draco. I have come to realize since I started writing that there are a lot of things that I can improve in the first half of the story...
Needless to say, start watching for an updated version of Fallen.
I've tried to post the sequel... but they won't post it here because there's too much about Harry in it - but it's an integral part of the story, which you'll see if you read it at fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2027385/1/
Hope you guys will check it out - don't worry the whole story IS focused on d/g!

Fallen by dracosslytheringal    (Reviews - 36)

Ginny is tired of waiting around for Harry to notice her; she’s sinking into a depression and decides she doesn’t want her life to revolve around him anymore. One day she seeks help in the unlikeliest person, and the relationship evolves into something unexpected.
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Chapters: 11 | Word count: 29212 | Read count: 29880 | Published: Sep 02, 2004 | Updated: Sep 02, 2004
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